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Everything you will need to upgrade your loadout and protect yourself from the hostile environment from within Fortuna III, whether you choose defensive or offensive methods this article is here to show you your options.

For Primary and Secondary Weapons please refer to the Weapons article.


Aani QuickSuit Icon
Aani QuickSuit
Augmented Kit Icon
Augmented Kit
Boxer Warsuit Icon
Boxer Warsuit
Dragonfly Flightsuit Icon
Dragonfly Flightsuit
Name Total EHP Move Speed Features Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Augmented Kit 800 390 Jetboosters Creature Defence +20% Health & Shield
+100 HP & Shield
(passive)Health Regeneration +3 Ability Cooldown -20% Health & Shield
+100 HP & Shield
Damage Against Creatures +20%
Aani QuickSuit 600 Dodging Slide Double Jump Ninja Energy +1 Triple Jump
Boxer Warsuit 1000 Charge Jump Charge Attack Fast Health Regen Charge Damage +50 High Jump +15%
Dragonfly Flightsuit 800 Jetpack Dive Attack Dive Damage +50 Jetfuel Regen +25%


Kheper Revitalizer Icon
Kheper Revitalizer
Recall Teleporter Icon
Recall Teleporter
Lost Prospector Recall Teleporter Icon
Lost Prospector Recall Teleporter



Health Boost Icon
Health Boost
Adrenaline Shot Icon
Adrenaline Shot
Stand Your Ground Icon
Stand Your Ground


Triage Sphere Icon
Triage Sphere
Healing Aura Icon
Healing Aura
Skirmish Sphere Icon
Skirmish Sphere

Orbital Bombardment[edit]

Orbital Bombardment Icon
Orbital Bombardment
Precision Strike Icon
Precision Strike
Orbital Barrage Icon
Orbital Barrage

Directional Warp[edit]

Directional Warp Icon
Directional Warp
Warp Bomb Icon
Warp Bomb


Cloaking Device Icon
Cloaking Device
Evasion Cloak Icon
Evasion Cloak
Concealment Cloak Icon
Concealment Cloak

Kinetic Barrier[edit]

Kinetic Barrier Icon
Kinetic Barrier
Protective Shell Icon
Protective Shell
Safe Guard Icon
Safe Guard


Shock Grenade Icon
Shock Grenade
Snare Trap Icon
Snare Trap
Surveillance Ward Icon
Surveillance Ward
Heavy Turret Icon
Heavy Turret
Energy Turret Icon
Energy Turret