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Alpha I[edit]

Released - August 9th, 2018

Update Size - N/A


The Tutorial will help guide you through the very basics of The Cycle. You can also use the Sandbox mode to try out all the Contracts in a relatively safe location, before exposing yourself to potential hostiles!


We have 6 contracts to compete over:


There are 3 Factions that you can work for in The Cycle:

  • Korolev Heavy Industries: From wrenches and tires to assault rifles and energy shields, if it’s of use in the frontier, Korolev builds it. Korolev is biased towards heavy weapons and armor, at the expense of speed and adaptability.
  • Osiris: Research and Development of the galaxy’s most dangerous weapons for use on the most dangerous planet known to man. Osiris kit tends to prefer speed and evasion, giving their users control over the battlefield.
  • Independent Civilian Authority: Representing law and order, or what passes for it in the systems just beyond civilization. The ICA’s equipment offers a good mix of power and speed, making them well suited for any range of challenges on Fortuna III.

Pick which one you want to assist in the pre-match lobby to each favor with them and unlock their technology.

Career & Crafting[edit]

  • Find and earn precious materials on the surface and as rewards from the Factions. Use these materials to craft technologies you have unlocked with Faction Points.
  • These technologies can be put into your Gear Set. Choose how you want to play!

Gear Set and Gear Store[edit]

  • Prospectors may not be allowed to bring their heaviest weaponry onto the surface directly, but there are other ways to get your hands on what you need!
  • Choose between Kit and Pistol options to help protect you at the beginning of a run on Fortuna III.
  • Set up your Gear Set before the match with up to 4 weapons and abilities that can be purchased via the Gear Store with Credits earned in match.


Kits help define your playstyle, granting powerful bonuses that improve as you perform in a match:


There are 15 weapons for you to defend yourself with:

(Shotgun: Shattergun) Despite saying there are 15 weapons they only listed 14and there is a damage fix for the Shattergun in Alpha III so we assume Shattergun is the 15th weapon. - Silarious


7 exotic abilities are available to turn the tides of battle:


These 3 tools will give you the edge in a number of situations: