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Alpha II[edit]

Released - September 18th, 2018

Update Size - N/A

New features and content[edit]

Quest Loop

  • The new game mode is about completing as many contracts as possible before escaping the planet.
  • Added Personal Quests to the game; quests that can be found during a match for bonus points.
    • Data Retrieval; find and recover valuable research data from human settlements.
    • Item Delivery; find a mysterious green artifact and deliver it to a drop off location.
    • Creature Tracking; find and follow tracks of creature and find its nest.
  • Central Station quest; when 5 Power-Up stations are active at the same time, the Central Station quest gets activated.
  • Warden Alpha quest; at some point in the match the Warden Alpha is spawned and an extra quest is activated. Does not appear in every match.

Emergency Triage / Down But Not Out (DBNO)

  • Players who are at 0 health are in Emergency Triage.
  • Players who are in Emergency Triage can be revived by pact mates.
  • Players in Emergency Triage have a shield that can lose health.
  • Upon losing all health on the shield, Players in Emergency Triage are stranded (a.k.a. out of a game).
  • Players who strand a player in Emergency Triage have a bounty placed on them (200 credits) and are visible on the map for the duration of the bounty (60 seconds).

Game tips

  • Added game tips to the matchmaking screen in the menu and to the lobby screen before a match.

Server Status Screen

  • This screen will be shown if The Cycle servers are unavailable (e.g. outside testing times, technical issues) to convey relevant information.

Enabled randomized character customization

  • Players character is randomized on Match Start.

General improvements[edit]

Settings menu – we added

  • proper settings tabs
  • key rebinding
  • support for resolutions up to 4k
  • resolution quality scaling setting
  • motion blur setting
  • FPS-capping setting
  • FOV setting
  • separate audio settings for: Master, Music, Sound effects and Dialogue
  • mouse invert settings; separate for x- and y-axis

Quest System iterations

  • Adjusted waves for Epic Minerals, so they stop once the mineral is done.
  • Three new Power Up stations; Landing pad, swamp camp & crashed ship.
  • Added more possible terminals locations to all Power Ups. Now every Power Up has 12 different possible locations for the terminals (was 6).
  • Increased possible locations from 3 to 7 for the Zeal Crystal to be spawned on the map.
  • Updated logic for finding a good drop location for the Zeal Crystal to prevent it being stuck inside of geometry
  • Added UI elements with quest information to Mineral and Power Up objects

Evacuation iteration

  • Changed the evacuation location to a single point in the center of the map.
  • Added authentication mechanic: Prospectors now have to be scanned before being authorized to enter the ship.
  • Prospectors located directly below the landing ship will be pushed aside or, if that fails, crushed (killed) by it.
  • Deployables (e.g. Turrets, Mines) are destroyed when ship lands on them, to avoid exploits.
  • Added notification for 3 minutes until ship arrives.


  • Major money loot pass all over the level. Created a few smaller human structures for new loot locations.

Gear Store

  • Improved logic to find a landing location for Gear Store purchases. Fixed issue with purchases ending up inside meshes.


  • Adjusted tutorial evacuation to use latest evacuation mechanics.
  • Disabled quest difficulty levels in the tutorial.

Other improvements

  • Reduced volume of the landing sequence.
  • Smoothed out landscapes.
  • Adjusted the help overlay to include Melee and the comm-wheel. Removed redundant entries.
  • Added the UI-top bar and the match timer to the spectator HUD.
  • Fixed floating cover objects all over the map.
  • Added blocking volumes to the center structure mountains to avoid player somehow getting up there, dominating the area.
  • Adjusted level cover based on BI Data from Alpha Test 1.
  • Fixed major collisions issues with the map.
  • Monster Nest interaction time increased from 2 to 5 to prevent exploitation.
  • Interaction set-back from taking damage while interacting increased.
  • Sprinting noise markers on the map are now only visible to players who don’t sprint themselves.
  • Uplink marker shows owner’s name in the map.
  • Weapon selection in HUD plays animation when equipped or upgraded.
  • Fixed several issues in Sandbox mode.
  • Removed Mid-Air Crouching.
  • Reloading does not interrupt Boxer Warsuit High Jump animation.
  • Holding the Aim button will resume aiming after interruption.
  • Strafing/backwards movement is slower than forward movement.
  • Weapon Damage towards Creatures and Players is tuned separately.
  • Reduced size of sights on the Hammer pistol, the Scarab pistol & on the K-28 Autopistol.
  • Fixed skinning issue on the K-28 Autopistol.
  • Fixed flickering on Advocate assault rifle.

Tuning / Balance Improvements[edit]

Weapons balancing

  • Reduced damage of starting pistols against other players – damage against AI stays the same.
  • Minor changes have been made to almost all weapons. Lower tier weapons are now slightly less powerful and mid-tier weapons are slightly more powerful.
  • Most Gear Store upgrades have been retuned.

Quest system tuning

  • Balanced monsters for Epic Minerals, reduced the amount of monsters per monster squad
  • Tuned down money drops for Mineral monsters and Super Power Up Monsters for both game modes. For minerals and super power up, list monsters now give 1/2 of the normal monster money drops and loop monsters 1/4 of it.
  • The first Uplink station is activated 30s after match start instead of immediately.


  • Boxer Warsuit
    • Added two levels that scale the damage of the Charge Attack.
  • Dragonfly
    • Added two levels that scale the damage of the Dive Attack.
    • Reduced Jetpack recharge rate.
  • Aani Quicksuit
    • Added two levels, one that increases weapon range and one that increases headshot damage.
    • Tuned Dodge and Slide to have slightly higher cooldowns.
    • Decreased speed of both, increased velocity at which Slide is stopped.
    • Decreased jump height.
  • Basic Prospector Kit
    • Added two levels, one that increases weapon damage and one that decreases ability cooldown times.


  • Rebalance of Squatter AI into Feeble, Normal, and Warrior and Hunt Squatter AI into Aberrant, Mutated, and Evolved.
  • Global health reduction.
  • Increased movement speed of Drone type AIs and projectile speed of Spitter type AIs.
  • Removed health regeneration on Warden Alpha.


Bug Fixes[edit]

Multiple issues

  • with game stability.
  • with the collision in the game – none & invisible.
  • with in game audio and audio settings.
  • with becoming stuck after interactions.
  • where your shipments would be placed inside geo.
  • where auto-collected money meshes remain on the ground so you couldn’t pick the collect money.
  • where German text was not translated.
  • where the shard was dropping when a deployable takes damage.
  • with UI/Game focus.
  • related to foliage being too high.
  • Fixed an issue …
  • where sprint stops working after an interaction.
  • where The Gear Store doesn’t open in the Sandbox mode.
  • where running while using self heal plays the animation but the healing action doesn’t occur.
  • where the chat cursor moves to end of line after every input.
  • where chat focus is lost after every message you send.
  • where the last player to escape is stuck in reward screen and does not get into end of match screen.


  • where creatures would disappear from spectator mode.
  • with distorted images for dropped gear.
  • regarding the VFX & radius/triggerability with the Jetpack.
  • with auto fire weapons not stopping sfx and vfx on empty clip.
  • with overlapping Voice Overs.
  • with Water looking glitchy.
  • relating to mouse sensitivity options being reset.
  • where icons in the scoreboard would get cutoff relating to the player name length.
  • related to various hunt locations not having monsters.
  • relating to interaction with Farmon.
  • relating to dying while in the shop and the game appears non-responsive.
  • where items has descriptions twice in the item select screen.
  • where players does not gain faction progression points.
  • where Cyrillic fonts not displaying correctly.
  • where there were grammar issues.
  • with the minimap in spectator mode.
  • where roads at several locations did not touch the ground.


  • where the evac ship bar is still displayed.
  • where cancelling the pact didn’t work.
  • where two evac markers are shown.
  • where the reward screen was not shown.
  • that the monsters would spawn to late and would be irrelevant.
  • where the player started without a weapon.
  • where your gear set is shown.


  • where the player can jump during the intro sequence, breaking the pod exit animation.
  • where if you escape first, but finish objectives second, the checkbox for escaping first is not checked.
  • where chat cannot be opened with the Enter key in winners screen.
  • with the readability of when the Dive attack is available or not from the Jetpack.
  • where pickups don’t disappear once you have picked them up.
  • where the starter battle rifle has the wrong upgrade.
  • with audio cues – you heard “Your ally has been killed” when you die.
  • where lobby music is not played from the second match on.
  • where the ‘crafted’ message always shows up when opening the factions screen.
  • where there is no escape ship marker.
  • where players can activate sprint while standing still.
  • where when your kinetic shield takes damage it interrupts your interaction bar.
  • where ‘complete all contracts’ was not checked even though there were all completed.
  • where there was no icon for active power up.
  • where it is not possible to change languages on the second attempt.
  • where the head hitbox can be completely separate from head on looking up/down.
  • where targets can walk away from the snare trap
  • where weapons would stop firing after a few shots.
  • where the weapon would be stuck in a shooting animation.
  • where the UI does not show the next facility.
  • which showed experience for progression above the limit.
  • where the map is visible for a brief moment before the lobby is displayed.
  • where your shadow is still visible when you are cloaked.
  • where there was a low-pass audio filter on for 3d sounds for the match duration.
  • where there was no Gear Icon for ‘Esc Menu’.
  • where the ‘Esc Menu’ missing from the Gear Store.
  • where opening the Esc menu while in the shop menu blocks the use of Esc.
  • where a pact was broken but the refiner still says owned by pactmate.
  • where the zeal crystal is blocking the view during the ninja slide.
  • where all map markers disappear when Evac shows up.
  • where cloaking doesn’t drop monster aggro.
  • with the nest icon remaining on the Minimap after nest has been taken.
  • where monsters at Evac spawn under the landing platform.
  • where icons on map don’t disappear after the player collects the related item
  • where the game would crash 100% when attempting to purchase above the ability or weapon upgrade threshold.
  • where the Mineral Marker on Minimap does not disappear after completion.
  • where the Power up console is placed inside a rock.
  • where the map was blurry until settings
  • where switched to High settings.
  • where market prices are always red even if players have enough money.
  • where the player could interact with power up station before activating all terminals (with no functionality).
  • where your pact mate is not shown on Minimap.
  • where crafting would not work.
  • where changing graphics settings and double-clicking the Apply button results in the UI going missing with inability to access ESC key menu or queue.
  • where refiners where not showing up on the map.
  • where minerals that were already mined
  • where showing up on the Minimap.
  • where all map icons where showing.
  • where the Evac ship gets stuck in midair.
  • where the Uplink was not able to be captured.
  • where weapon icons still show on drop pods after the item has been picked up.
  • where Farmon sound effects are too loud.
  • where Zeal crystal could not be picked up.
  • where a delivery was ordered, but didn’t show up.
  • where after a match the player is stuck in the server status screen.
  • where text on a non-interactable power up consoles reads “item already owned”.
  • where prices in the station
  • where not displayed.
  • where opening chat and clicking the world blocks all input.
  • where you could not shoot in the sandbox mode.
  • where you could not open the shop in sandbox mode.
  • where the Evac ship didn’t arrive in sandbox mode.
  • with VO’s not giving correct feedback in the tutorial.
  • where you could become blocked while looting at the same time as another player.
  • with the snare mine, that it could be used to prevent other players escaping.
  • when using the bug reporter that you can’t backspace more than a few times.
  • where the game believes a player has the Zeal crystal if the crystal was collected by another player at the same time.
  • where you can cancel matchmaking by accident when wanting to chat.
  • with white clouds during the storm.
  • where the options menu can’t be closed.
  • where when pressing both aim and shoot during reload caused aiming not to function.
  • where quests
  • where not active when they were.
  • where evacuation was not active but it was.
  • where end of match results got added every time you open the screen.
  • where a player was shown as alive but was dead.
  • where it was not possible to add the snare mine and the heavy turret to the gear set.
  • where the player was stuck moving in a given direction.
  • where the player got stuck when waiting on the evac landing pad and the evac ship landed.
  • where settings are not restored after a restart or a new match.
  • where the lock icon was missing if you cannot unlock an item.
  • where a player was able to slide while he was jumping (Ninja kit).
  • where the player position/ranking on the quest list is duplicated (German only).
  • where the master audio option doesn’t mute all sounds effects.
  • where you can’t shoot through friendly Kinectic Shields.