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Alpha IV[edit]

Released - November 14th, 2018

Update Size - N/A

New Content[edit]

Squad mode

Finally you can play with your Steam friends! And also random people, but together.

  • Squad mode allows players to form up 4-man squads and play as a team. It is possible to form the whole squad, take one trusted friend or even go into matchmaking alone. Then players will be put together in 4-man squads automatically.
  • Balancing of squads was tweaked based on feedback from our experimental playtest.

Female Prospector

  • Players now have the option to switch between Female and Male Prospectors.
  • Changes are only cosmetic and do not affect Gameplay.


  • Gorgon – Osiris Light Beam Rifle
    • Available in the Osiris Faction at the Associate Rank, priced at 500 Credits
    • A charge-up Beam Rifle that shines in medium-range encounters with skilled operators.
  • FF4 Detonator – Starter Grenade Launcher
    • Players will have the FF4 Detonator available as part of their starter equipment, priced at 900 Credits.
    • Formerly designed for clearing out nests of Vermin, the FF4 Detonator has been modified for tougher targets.

Minimap Rotation (community feedback)

  • The Minimap can now be set to rotate, as well as show cardinal directions.
  • This setting is disabled by default and can be enabled in the “GAME” section of the settings.

Settings (community feedback)

  • Toggle for Sprint, Aim and Crouch which can be enabled in the “CONTROLS” section of the settings.
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Storm Iteration

  • Storm has been visually improved, as we felt like the older version did not create threat or tension or was nearly as immersive to Fortuna III dynamics as we wanted. See a comparison of old vs. new here.

Iteration on Uplinks

  • Uplinks are now more grounded to the lore, have been tweaked visually with necessary adjustments to provide covers but also ways to escape instead of being gladiator arenas.

Ocean side area improvements

  • We felt like previously there was no visual difference between the shallow (walk-able) and deep (blocked water). The distinction should be more clear now, and to make the area more worthy exploration, we added few new item drop locations.

Material Iteration

  • Improved performance for certain areas and more visual variety to human structures such as aging effects.

Minerals respawn logic

  • Mineral respawn is based on the certain timeframes as well now. In addition, there is a wider range of types which respawn, so if it’s just a tiny bit of minerals you need to finish that one last quest, you have a chance of locating a small amount and drill it out fast.

Performance Improvements

  • We are not happy with it yet, but it is a start. And we will further try to optimize the performance.
  • We have implemented Level of Detail meshes for Monsters which helps the overall performance of the Game.
  • We worked on the lighting to reduce the cost on CPU and GPU.
  • A lot of tweaking has happened on the graphics setting presets to make sure they run better in general.

End of match

  • If the player is killed, he is given information on who killed him and using what weapon.
  • If the player escapes the planet – there is a nice spline animations to show the ship and the area around it before allowing the player to spectate others.
Alpha IV-2.jpg

Tuning / Balance Improvements[edit]

Emergency Triage Cooldown “Shield”

  • Icon is now only shown to Pactmates.
  • Players who are not in a pact with you will not be able to tell if you are in cooldown, so watch out in combat.

Pacts (community feedback)

  • In-match credit income for pacts has been increased

Emergency Triage (community feedback)

  • The duration of Triage has been slightly increased for Players in a pact, to improve the balance of Solo Players vs. pacts


  • Increased melee damage against other players.

Weapons balancing

  • 1000 credit weapons have had their price lowered to 900 Credits and have been re-balanced accordingly.
  • Voltaic Brute shot damage has been reduced from 45 to 35.
  • Thanks a lot to the community for the feedback on Weapon Balance, please let us know what you think of the changes!

Resolve dodge jumping from the Aani QuickSuit

  • Dodge jump that can be used by the Aani QuickSuit has been changed. Previously it was possible to chain the dodge combined with a normal jump where the jump acceleration would then use the speed of the dodge and not the default tuned jump speed. This have now been changed where any move that links into a jump will reset the acceleration of the character and making it move to a normal jump speed.
  • We did however like parts of the contentious movement of the bunny jump so instead of previously initiating it through a dodge + jump move, you are now able to apply a similar move with different tuning where it’s chained through a slide instead. To execute the new bunny jump the execution will be: “Slide -> Hold Forward and jump while in slide motion – Once hit ground again hold CTRL to do another slide restarting the motion again”
  • The jump will get stronger as you level up the QuickSuit.

Turrets Limit

  • Turrets lifetime is now limited to 90 seconds.
  • Thanks for the feedback and the magical experience of watching the community break the game

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Komrad missile mini launcher has crosshair displayed when aiming
  • Blink Dagger sometimes fail to teleport
  • Turret may not be placed correctly on surfaces
  • There is no limit on how many Comm Wheel voice lines player can trigger in a short period of time
  • tutorial – marker stays after pact mate is dead
  • Blink Warp can make you get stuck in geometry
  • Recall teleporter – easy to get stuck in human settlement meshes
  • Enemies, farmon refiners and minerals pop in and out in spectator mode
  • DBNO interactions are displayed while in downed state
  • Weapon Reloading sometimes doesn’t work
  • Settings – Game starts in german/russian but setting says english
  • DBNO – Turret shoots at player in triage
  • Player can enter DBNO from falling damage
  • Reloading does not auto-retrigger after cancelling it with sprinting
  • Did not get bounty when putting player with bounty on their head into dbno
  • Russian Position marking in the quest list is displayed incorrectly
  • Blueman footprints for tracking quest is barely visible
  • Lobby – Connecting players are not counted in the total
  • Kinetic shield deploys with half energy
  • Bombardment does not damage the kinetic shield
  • Turrets have no targeting time/feedback
  • If you select no faction in the lobby, you will always use Korolev instead of the previous faction
  • I can’t pact from a long range but the game says I can
  • User can see “Press T to invite to pact” during spectator mode
  • Automatic rifles randomly stop firing
  • Player not fully in foam when killed in DBNO
  • Sound stuttering occurred
  • can’t evacuate the planet in sandbox mode
  • aiming with sniper while jumping and unaiming keeps the FOV stuck at zoom level
  • Turrets don’t explode when they are destroyed
  • It can happen that 2 languages are mixed in the tech tree
  • Loca – “Load into station” is translated incorrectly
  • Melee attacks show no knife
  • Turret killing boss does not score against the quest
  • Heavy Charge kit mod doesn’t apply extra damage to charged attacks
  • All kind of attacks are affected by weapon mods attributes
  • muffled sound after getting hit by AI
  • Camera gets stuck in third person when triggereing an ability while reviving from DBNO
  • Interaction prompt can show the second assigned key instead of the first
  • you can hear the waterfall in the lobby
  • "Thumb Mouse Button" keybinds are not working
  • Audio loops if you tab out of the game
  • Some Monster ragdolls despawn rather fast, including their credits
  • SFX Volume Slider doesn’t affect all SFX
  • Main power up station gives 2 VP per contract when powered up for the second time
  • Station that is currently being powered up can reset when main power station shuts down.
  • Player does not regenerate health correctly after coming back from DBNO
  • EoM – Player in first place did not get counted as first escapee
  • while using a gun with chain reaction mod you destroy your own nearby teleporter
  • Mod icon didn’t update while changing the active mod in a lobby
  • The DOT of Radioactive Rounds persist if you get downed and teleport away
  • there`s a delay before farmon refiners and overgrown terminals register that they’re being shot at
  • Enhanced delivery mod breaks the rate of fire
  • Enhanced delivery mod doesn’t apply correctly on Voltaic Brute
  • Comm wheel VO is not heard by other players
  • Healing beam upgrades don’t work
  • Cloak is not visible in third person (emoting)
  • Playtest: Always get the same squad invitation although its not valid anymore
  • Weapon/kit mod descriptions are not correctly translated
  • Alpha Warden didn’t spawn
  • Cannot use settings menu while in game after opening settings in pre-match lobby
  • Lots of collision and Stuck spot fixes
  • … and many, many more