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Augmented Kit
Augmented Kit.png
Faction Level
Unit Health
Max Shield
Movement Speed

The Augmented Kit is a kit in The Cycle.


A basic light kit featuring a light personal shield and jetboosters.


Only 1 of each type of mod (Tier 1,2,3 and Kit Core) can be equipped at the same time.

Tier 1 Mod
Image Name Info Change
UI Items Mods AllKits KillsDmg.png Damage Increase on Kills Damage increase for a short duration while performing kills. +10% damage per kill, Stacks 4+ times

(Damage increase decays over time)

UI Items Mods AllKits KillsHeal.png Heal on Kills Gain HP when performing kills.

Health regeneration cooldown is increased.

+100 Health per kill

(Extra 100 for 1 second)
+40-43% Health regeneration delay.

Augmented Kit.png XP Gain Gain more XP, but have reduced health. -20% Base Health
UI Items Mods AllKits InAirShield.png In Air Armor Increased defense while in the air,

also deal less damage at same time.

-6% Incoming Damage

-15% Damage to Players

Tier 2 Mod
Image Name Info Change
UI Items Mods Heal.png Improved Regen Shorter HP regen delay, increased HP

regen speed, slower ability cooldowns.

20-25% Faster regen

20% Slower cooldown time

UI Items Mods Interaction.png Less Interruptions Less effected by damage interruption when

interacting, slower ability cooldowns.

5% Slower cooldown

20% less interruptions

UI Items Mods Ninja ArmorDodge.png Reduced Damage While Sprinting Does what it says on the label. -20% damage
UI Items Mods Shield.png Stronger Shields Shields increase by 100 while active. +100 Shield

-5% Movement Speed

UI Items Mods LowHealth.png Low HP Defense When on Low HP you become faster,

stronger and better at reloading.

Also ability cooldowns are slower...

Not super catchy, but it's true.

+20% Max Movement Speed.

+25% Damage Reduction

20% Faster Reload speed.

20% Faster Equip speed.

20% Faster ADS speed.

15% Slower ability cooldown.

Tier 3 Mod
Image Name Info Change
UI Items Mods AllKits Pistolmaster.png Pistol Mastery More effective handling of pistols. 10% faster reload

20% faster aim down sights time

20% less recoil

25% faster equip time

UI Items Mods cooldown.png Faster Ability Cooldowns Ability cooldowns are slightly faster,

maximum movement speed is slightly reduced.

-22 Movement Speed

-10% cooldown time

UI Items Mods AllKits InAirDmg.png In Air Damage Deal more and receive more damage while in the air. +15% Damage to others

+30% Damage to You

Level Up Perks[edit]

Name Total EHP Move Speed Features Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Augmented Kit 800 390 Jetboosters Creature Defence +20% Health & Shield
+100 HP & Shield
(passive)Health Regeneration +3 Ability Cooldown -20% Health & Shield
+100 HP & Shield
Damage Against Creatures +20%
Aani QuickSuit 600 Dodging Slide Double Jump Ninja Energy +1 Triple Jump
Boxer Warsuit 1000 Charge Jump Charge Attack Fast Health Regen Charge Damage +50 High Jump +15%
Dragonfly Flightsuit 800 Jetpack Dive Attack Dive Damage +50 Jetfuel Regen +25%

Update History[edit]

Release 13
  • Shield Adjusted regeneration rate from 50 to 120 per second Delay before regeneration start changed from 6 to 7 seconds
  • Health Adjusted regeneration rate from 120 to 25 per second Delay before regeneration start changed from 8 to 7 seconds
Release 12
  • Decreased Jetpack Energy regeneration rate from 25 to 10
  • Increased the cooldown on Energy regeneration from 0.75 to 1.5
Release 11
  • All kits share the same regeneration values.
    • Health
      • Adjusted Regeneration rate to 120 per second
      • Delay before regeneration starts 8 seconds
    • Shield
      • Adjusted Regeneration rate to 50 per second
      • Delay before regeneration starts 6 seconds
    • Mods
      • Unequip time removed from Pistol Master kit mod.
      • In Air Armor mod now protects from radial damage as well.
Release 8
  • Adjusted Basic + MK2 shield from 300 to 500 & health from 600 to 500.
  • Added Mods
    • Added Tier mods to the MK2 version of the Basic Prospector Kit
Weekly Playtest 11
  • Balance
    • HP from 650 to 730
    • Regen rate from 35 to 40
Weekly Playtest 10
  • Balance
    • HP from 850 to 650
    • Regen rate from 20 to 35
    • Regen delay from 7.5 to 12 (same as every other kit)
Weekly Playtest 3
  • Changes
    • Basic lowered to 700 HP.
Alpha II
  • Basic Prospector Kit
    • Added two levels, one that increases weapon damage and one that decreases ability cooldown times.