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The Black Market allows you to purchase Weapons, Abilities, and Gadgets while on the planet, using money acquired through Contracts. Remember, it's always easier to survive with a big gun in hand and even bigger jet on the back.


Available for purchase are 3 distinct tiers of weapons, differentiated by how much they cost for purchase, the first tier being the 200 Credit tier, followed by the 500 and the 800 credit tiers. A general trend between the three tiers is that the higher the price, the more damage it does. Upon purchase of a weapon, you can go back into the Black Market and upgrade the weapon, unlike Modifications that are on the base gun, these upgrades only apply to your weapon if you invest more credits into them during the match, and it happens instantaneously, unlike the weapon having to be equipped after the initial purchase. The upgrades buff certain attributes of said weapon like its Rate of Fire, or its Ranged Damage falloff, so between two evenly skilled players these upgrades might be the difference between you Recalling

You can select up to 4 weapons to be able to be purchased once in game, and you must select these before you enter the pre-game lobby.


Once you have multiple Abilities crafted, you can select up to 4 to be available to you in the Black Market once you start a game, and once purchased you can equip up to 2. Similar to the weapons, you can invest more credits into your abilities to buff them, i.e., decrease the charge time before use again.


The two gadgets currently buy-able in the Black Market are the Recall Teleporter and the Kheper Revitalizer, upon purchase they come down in the Black Market pod and you interact with them to equip. They take up one of your weapon slots each, both on your Prospector as well as in your Black Market store front.


The third section of the Black Market is reserved for miscellaneous items, with the only current item in this section being your vehicle that you can purchase for 125 credits.