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Contracts are undertaken for the factions that desire the resources of Fortuna III. The Victory Points that are awarded for fulfilling Contracts are the primary measurement of how well you do during a match. Also, fulfilling contracts grants some additional money, which can then be spent on black market.


You complete contracts by interacting with spawned assets in Fortuna III, these will give you resources needed for crafting weapons and gear as well as VP (Victory Points). All contracts come with some form of threat so be weary all though some contracts are much more dangerous than others.

Each match starts with 4 contracts that are shared by all Prospectors in that match. Over the course of the match additional contracts are likely to spawn, although these can vary in type, availability, and difficulty. Finishing contracts instantly yields Victory Points.

In every match the Veltecite Minerals contract is available, the other 3 remaining contracts are random for that match.

List of Primary contracts[edit]

List of Contracts
Icon Name Description In-Game
Hunt Icon
Hunt Hunt missions spawn small squads of mutated creatures anywhere in the marked area. Those creatures have noticeable different colors.

After you kill them they drop biomass which is to collect. If you accumulate enough Biomass the Quest will be complete.

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Alpha Warden Icon
Alpha Warden If all prospectors in a match cumulatively collect enough biomass samples from Hunt contracts, an Alpha Warden will spawn marked on the map by the Alpha Warden icon. All damage done to the Alpha Warden by you or your team will reward points towards the contract. Missing Image.png
Power Facilities Icon
Power Facilities At some of the old facilities on the planet, the power distribution systems start to spin up. Look on your map to see where.

Go there, uncover and activate the three peripheral terminals that control the power station. Then activate the power station to collect your points.

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Central Power Icon
Central Power If enough power facilities on the planet are activated the Central power node for that region starts to spin up. Go there, activate the peripheral terminals and then the main power station. Then stay in the area and defend it to recieve your reward.
Zeal Shard Icon Zeal Shard A small number of Zeal Shards has been located in your area. Pick it up and carry it with you - you passively collect points while you have it. But be aware that the location of all crystals are visible to all prospectors at all times.

At the middle of the match, a rare red zeal crystal will spawn. Carrying it with you gives the same amount of points as the normal yellow ones do, but bringing the red zeal into the evac ship grants you a nice VP bonus.

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Veltecite Icon
Veltecite Minerals All over the map Veltecite Mineral veins expand out of the ground - look at your map for the exact locations in your vicinity. Go there and activate it to start mining it. During the mining process monster waves will bury out of the ground and try to destroy the drill.

When the drill is finished, collect the drilled minerals. If you accumulate enough you get rewarded.

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Letium Gas Icon
Letium Gas All over the map, Letium Gas leaks from small vents on the ground - look at your map for the exact locations in your vicinity. Go there and activate them to call down a refiner that starts processing the gas and accelerates over time. All refiners in your possession passively contribute to your total, which grants score points at certain treshholds.

Be aware that refiners can and will be destroyed or stolen by hostile prospectors. However you can do the same.

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Uplink Icon
Uplink The data transmission centers on the planet spin up one at a time. All locations are marked on your map, including which one is active, who currently holds it, which one will be the next and how much time remains until the next switch.

Go to the active Uplink station and stand in the surrounding circle to capture it. Afterwards you are free to leave.

As long as you own the station, it generates points that contribute to your score. However the station can be captured by hostile prospectors any time.

Also ownership gets lost whenever the active uplink changes.

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Drone Salvage Icon
Drone Salvage All drone locations are marked on your map. Go there and place the smaller drones into the carrier drone to rescue them before they get destroyed by the local wildlife. Points are awarded depending on much health the drones have left when the carrier drone takes off. Missing Image.png
Drone Launch Icon
Drone Launch When enough drones are salvaged at one location the drone carrier can be launched. During the launch window, waves of monsters will try to destroy the carrier. You get rewarded if the carrier makes it of the surfce.

If someone else launches a drone carrier, you get rewarded for inflicting damage on it to stop the launch. All drones in the process of launching are visible on the map with the time remaining until launch beneath them.

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Brightcaps All over the map, small clusters of Brightcap mushrooms spawn. Locations near you are marked on your map. Go there and collect the mushrooms. Then deliver them to the marked delivery locations. If you accumulate enough delivered mushrooms, you get rewarded.

Large brightcap deposits can be visible on the map marked with a brightcap symbol surrounded by a circle of the same color, these deposits give a lot of brightcaps but are also guarded more heavily by ticks and a howler.

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Laser Drill Icon
Laser Drill Korolev send's down a massive laser drill platform that visits three spots on the map and stays at each for a while. During the stay, you can activate the drill.

Upon activation, the drill starts drilling. This generates points towards your score as long as the drill is under your control. The drilling will alert waves of monsters that will try to destroy it. Also hostile prospectors will want to take over or destroy the drill for themselves.

Missing Image.png
Mag-Train Icon
Mag-Train Two monorail trains can be captured while they move across the map. They generate points as long as you control them, and keeping control while they unload their cargo pays extra. Control over a train can be contested any time. Missing Image.png
Evac Icon
Evac At the end of each round, an evacuation ship appears. Get on the ship to secure your spot on the leaderboard.

Be aware that the ship will definitely be surrounded by a lot of monsters and possibly by hostile prospectors.

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Evac Monsters Icon
Evac Monsters At the end of each round, when the evacuation ship makes it's landing approach monsters will spawn on the landing platform. Kill the monsters for a reward.
Surge Crystals Icon
Surge Crystals Sometimes during a match a Cycle Spike occurs. For two minutes, in a small area lots of Surge Crystals appear. Collect enough of them to get rewards.

Be aware that the Spike causes a storm of lightning in this area that can heavily damage you. Also this is a lucrative contract, so your rivals will probably also be there.

Missing Image.png
Bounty Icon
Bounty Everybody has a bounty on his head. Yes, even you. Kill enemy players or force them to use their emergency respawn to get a reward. Missing Image.png

Personal Contracts[edit]

These special contracts only appear in Solo mode

Icon Name Description
Deliver Alpha Egg Icon
Deliver Alpha Egg Find an alpha Egg Hidden in the map a deliver it to a specific location.
Download Data Icon
Download Data Find data terminals and interact with them, get 3 and the reward is 3 VP.
Tracking Icon
Tracking Track footprints left behind Female Wardens and collect the eggs.

Story Missions[edit]

Main article: Story Missions

Story Missions are special Contracts that only appear in Solo Mode and only under special circumstances.

They are only available to one player. You get alerted that a story mission might come up in the Message Center on Prospect Station.

Story Missions don't earn Victory Points, instead you get lore items (Souvenirs) and XP for the Fortuna Pass after the game.