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Controls & Keybinds[edit]


Keyboard/Mouse Function
None Move Camera
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
D Move Right
A Move Left
⇧ Left Shift Sprint
Left Ctrl Crouch
Space Press / Hold Jump / Kit Mobility


Keyboard/Mouse Function
Esc Escape Menu
Left Fire
Right Aim Weapon/ADS (Aim Down Sights)
Middle Up Next Weapon
Middle Down Previous Weapon
C Melee Attack
G Toggle Gear Store/Open Shop
G + 1 - 4 Quick Buy 1 - 4
R Reload Weapon
1 - 4 Switch to Weapon 1 - 4
Q & E Activate Ability 1 & 2
F Interact/Emergency Teleport
X or Middle Scanner \ Nav Mode
Tab ↹ Toggle Map
← Backspace Drop Zeal
L Toggle Kit Level Info
P Show Challenges Menu
T Offer Pact
V Hold/Tap/Double Tap Comm Wheel/Ping/Enemy Ping
N Enemy Ping


Keyboard/Mouse Function
H Toggle Help Overlay
↵ Enter Open Chat
Right Alt Push-To-Talk
I Toggle HUD
U Show Damage Recap
B Emote
J Place Banner


Kit Mobility[edit]

Kit mobility includes the Boxer Warsuit's super jump, Jetpack thrust of Basic Prospector Kit & Dragonfly Flightsuit, as well as the Aani QuickSuit double and triple jump.
Super Jump and Jetpack require Space to be held down while Double and Triple jump are just consecutive presses of Space while in the air.


ADS means Aim Down Sights and is for when a weapon does not have a scope but you are holding right click, all pistols while holding right click are considered ADS. Time to ADS is a stat for weapons as well as ADS sensitivity is its own slider/setting.

Gear Store[edit]

This is where you buy your weapons and gear within a match.


Once you open the gear store you can click on the weapons, gadgets or vehicle to buy them or use the quick buy keybinds.

After buying a weapon you can click on the weapon again to upgrade it for a lower cost than the original weapon cost.

Quick Buy[edit]

Open gear store then press 1 to enter the first column which is weapons, then 1 - 4 will be assigned to the weapons, top to bottom, press the respective number to buy the weapon you want. Although there is only one vehicle as of Release 13 you have to press 3 twice to buy the bike.

  • Press 1 for Weapons Column
  • Press 2 for Abilities Column
  • Press 3 for Vehicle Column


Once you open the gear store there is an inventory tab on the right. Inside the inventory tab you can swap weapons between slots and even drop weapons by clicking the red arrows.

Comm Wheel[edit]

Holding V and dragging will open the comm wheel and releasing V activates the ping/callout that you hovered over. The options given in your comm wheel depend on what game mode you are in, what contracts are in your match, and what contracts you are near.

Toggle Kit Level Info[edit]

When you press L while in a match the kit level menu will show up in the bottom left of your HUD, this will display the perks your kit gets based on what level it is and the level you have is highlighted with orange text.

Show Challenges Menu[edit]

As of Release 13 the keybind is in the game but it is not functional with no ETA on it being properly implemented.

Toggle HUD[edit]

After you enable Toggle HUD in the "Controls" tab in the settings you can press I to hide the HUD completely, useful for screenshots. Hiding the HUD does not hide your player's hand so it will still be in any screenshots you take.

Show Damage Recap[edit]

Holding down U will show the damage recap while in a match and will display decent damage taken from rival players, monsters, abilities, etc. It will also show the amount of body shots and headshots taken from each source, headshots are shown in orange text. The range of how long the menu considered "recent damage" is yet to be confirmed but is known to be inconsistent. If there has not been any recent damage is simply displays "No Recent Damage Taken".


Place Banner[edit]

Pressing J will place your default banner and holding J down will open up the banner wheel and dragging then releasing J will place the banner you choose. The top left slot will be your default banner.


Emoting is functionally the same as Placing a Banner, once you equip emotes you can press B once to start your main emote or hold to open the emote wheel. The 2nd from the top on the left slot will be your default banner.