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Welcome toTC-LogoText.png cosmetics Hub!

This is where you will find all the cosmetics for The Cycle, including but not limited to, Archetype Cosmetics, Weapon Skins, Emotes, Banners, Event Exclusive Cosmetics.

Most of what you see is purchasable in game or via buying a Founder Packs, but this article also has unobtainable cosmetics like the Alpha Playtester Reward.
About The Cycle's Cosmetics/Microtransactions

In this game the only micro-transactions are Cosmetic and purely visual, you can get them through giveaways, Founder Packs , events, or the main method which is to buy them with Aurum and use the Aurum with the In-Game Shop.

As stated previously there are a wide assortment of different types of cosmetics, Archetype Cosmetics and the Archetypes themselves are cosmetics that directly change the look of your character, clothing, hair, makeup, etc. Weapon Skins are just that and only affect the look of your weapon, then there are Emotes which includes dances, taunting poses, tricks, and death poses.

Now there are Banners that are unique in that its a deployable item and stays in the location on the map for the rest of the game unless you re-deploy it. These Banners have your choice of many icons and animated characters that is a holographic screen on top a post you place in the ground as well as your name on the side.

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