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Akira Reference[edit]

The shop image for the Red Osiris Bike is a reference to a popular Anime Movie called "Akira"

AkiraVsTheCycle.png UI Vanity Vehicle Osiris02.png

Ghillie Pup[edit]

Although there is very little info on this "Character" there is a cosmetic item that also appears multiple times inside the prospect station, its code name is "Ghillie Pup". Credit to discord user UDZUMUKI#0235 for finding the location of the Ghillie Pup in the Prospect Station.

GhilliePup-EasterEgg.png GhilliePup-EasterEgg-2.png
UI Vanity Banner GhilliePup D.png


Developer References[edit]

There is a long list of references to the developers of the game within the game itself, here are a few notable ones.

  • Dev posters in the Prospect Station.

Ficsit/Satisfactory References[edit]

As a reference to Satisfactory the main company in that game FICSIT that company logo is on pipes outside of the Prospect Station which alludes to Satisfactory's major "Update 3" which is focused on pipes.

The Ficsit logo also shows up in Map 1 on a crate near the Crashed Ship. The same logo can be found in the Prospect Station on similar crates.

Ficsit-Easteregg.jpg Ficsit-Easteregg-2.png

This reference to Satisfactory is more specific and is similar to the banner in Satisfactory referencing The Cycle, there is writing and scribbles on a "Propaganda Poster" with info pertaining to the Lore of either Game.

Ficsit-Easteregg-3.png Ficsit-Easteregg-3-Source.png

References to The Cycle in other Games[edit]

Just how FISCIT is featured in The Cycle world, Korolev is featured in Satisfactory as a poster.

Satisfactory Korolev Poster EE.jpg