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Community Events[edit]

For community events go to this page here.

Holiday Events[edit]

Spring 2020[edit]

Spring 2020 is a spring/easter event that came with Release 12, cosmetics were added, a new contract was added specifically for the event it is not just a reskin but it most closely resembles Brightcaps, challenges were also added specifically for the event.

Spring Event
  • Earn points in the Storm Egg Hunt 0/1000


UI Vanity Banner Spring Event Participation D.png
Storm Egg Hunter
  • Score the most points in the Spring Event for a chance at an exclusive reward 0/1,000,000


UI Vanity Banner Spring Event Winner D.png

Christmas 2019[edit]

Christmas 2019 was its own update after Release 7, cosmetics were added, the map was changed, a material was added, and special holiday weapons were added for the duration of the event.

UI Art Menu BG LaunchFull Christmas.png

Halloween 2019[edit]

Halloween for 2019 came as its own update shortly after Release 5 - Season One, it came in combination with a hotfix. The event changed the look of the map and the visual appearance of the Alpha Egg contract while not changing or adding any game mechanics.

Timed Events[edit]

Playtest Server Events[edit]

There is a PTS(Private/Public Test Server) version for the game where the developers have players test unreleased content 1 - 2 weeks before it's shipped to the live build. The signup is public and applications are approved as early as 48 hours before the test event starts. If a player's applications are accepted they will receive a code they must redeem in the Epis Games Store to unlock the PTS version, they then have to download the game. Even when downloaded the game is unplayable unless the PTS servers are active during the event times.

The playtests are streamed by the devs and other players, there is no NDA on this version of the game.

Playtest History:

Release 14 PTS
  • April 30th 4pm - 6pm CET
Release 13 PTS
  • April 9th 4pm - 6pm CET
Release 12 PTS
  • March 19th 4pm - 6pm CET
Release 11 PTS
  • March 6th 5pm CET
Release 10 PTS
  • Februrary 21st 5pm CET
Release 9 PTS
  • January 31st 5pm - 8pm CET
Release 8 PTS
  • January 17 5pm - 8pm CET

Map 2 Playtest[edit]

There were multiple playtests of Map 2 before it was release with Season Two, the first one lasted 6 hours and the following 2 lasted approximately 72 hours.