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This is an article that will be filled with FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions about terminology, platform support, release dates, mechanics and more.

Release Info[edit]

Full Release[edit]

Q: When will The Cycle come out of Early Access?

A: No specific date, more info on this will be revealed closer to the end of 2020.

Steam Release[edit]

Q: Will The Cycle come to steam and when can we expect it to be on steam?

A: Steam release ETA is December 2020 as seen on the Steam page.

Q: Will I be able to play on the steam release with my progress from EGS?

A: The devs are working on this but there is no guarantee that it will be finished before steam version is released. Source

Console Port/Version[edit]

Q: Will The Cycle come to console(XBOX, PS4, etc)?

A: Console is said to come Q1 of 2021 "...Console will be available in the first quarter of next year." - Jonothan Lindsay Executive Producer at Yager, quoted from a development stream from July 24th 2020. Source


Q: Will The Cycle ever have Crossplatform between PC and console?

A: It is highly unlikely that cross-platform between PC and console will happen but cross-platform between consoles has been mentioned by the developers.

Server Regions Info[edit]

Q: Where are the current servers for The Cycle?

A: There is one server in West Coast USA, one server in Berlin, and one server in Tokyo.

Skill Based Match Making[edit]

Q: When will Skill Based Match Making(SBMM) be added to The Cycle?

A: Skill Based Match Making is implemented but may be disabled to help with queue times.

Technical Info[edit]

System requirements[edit]

Q: What are the minimum and recommended specs for The Cycle?

A: You must have a dedicated graphics card to run the game smoothly, the GPU and CPU should be equivalent to or greater in power than an i5 2.5 GHz and GTX 760 respectively.

Please read this article for the full details on Minimum and Recommended system specs.

Network Requirements[edit]

To play The Cycle you need a consistent network internet connection, any inconsistency will lead to rubber banding and desync. Download and Upload speeds are not intensive the main factor in network lag is your internet ping.

Crashes, Black screens, Login Issues[edit]

If you have any technical issues with the game please go to the support station website and seek help there via there ticket system. Alternatively, you can join the official community discord and request for help in the #technical-issues channel.

Report Player/Cheaters[edit]

Q: How do I report a player for cheating/hacking?

A: Go to the Support Station website and fill in a hack report form.



Q: What does ADS or Time to ADS mean?

A: ADS is an acronym that means Aim Down Sights, whenever you hold down right-click or your aiming keybind that is ADS. Time to ADS is the animation time between you using your aim key and the accuracy being changed to ADS accuracy.


Q: What does Stability mean, how is it calculated?

A: Accuracy/overall recoil of a weapon, no concrete information found on how it is calculated.


Q: What does spread mean?

A: The randomness of the recoil, a gun may follow a certain pattern but there is some randomness within this pattern called spread or often called "Bloom" in other games.

Victory Points(VP)[edit]

Q: What does VP mean?

A: Victory Points often shortened to VP is the points you get from completing contracts in a match the team with the most VP and evac win the match.

Victory Points Icons
UI Generic Icons VP simple.png UI Generic Icons VP.png

Down but Not Out(DBNO)[edit]

Q: What does DBNO mean?

A: Down but Not Out is The Cycle's "Knocked out" state for players, when you are initially knocked down you can self revive within 12 seconds for solo and 34 seconds for solo pact, duo and squad. While in this state your teammate or pactmate can revive you by using their interact key while looking at the downed player.

UI HUD Icon DBNOoff.png


Krypto Marks[edit]

Q: What are K-Marks?

A: K-Marks are the currency used to purchase new weapons, gadgets, and gear you can equip to your loadout. For more information please go to this page.



Q: How do I farm Credits?

A: Gain credits by killing Creatures, completing Contracts, collecting credit drops and opening crates in buildings, or even by killing other players.

UI Generic Icons credits.png


Q: What is Aurum and how do I get it?

A: Aurum is the premium currency used exclusively to buy cosmetics and other visual/vanity items. You can obtain Aurum by gaining levels in the the fortuna pass, purchasing it through the Epic Games store, giveaways or presskits. 100 Aurum is roughly equivalent to $1 USD.

UI Art Currency Hard Small.png