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There are 3 different factions with a number of unique weapons you can craft, to craft weapons you need to be a certain level with the faction depending on the weapon.

For Example Advocate requires Faction Level 5 along with the required resources, that means you need to play Matches with ICA selected, and get a total of 1550 xp.


The Independent Civilian Advisory, more commonly known as the ICA or simply “civies”, is a pseudo-political organization present on many permanent stations and settlements across federal space. Created early on during humanity’s expansion into space, it originated from the need for organization after an environmental catastrophe crippled a growing colony, which was subsequently abandoned to its fate by the major corporations, without the infrastructure to support itself until the Federation could arrive to provide assistance.


Korolev Heavy Industries operates practically everywhere you find humans, building large scale, cheap structures including stations, ships, and habitats, along with the machinery needed for their construction, a myriad of industrial tools, and of course, weapons.


Osiris, a subsidiary of Blue Planet Financial, is one of the few corporations that decided to come to Fortuna III, only after its unique hostile environment was discovered. A young corporation, Osiris’ parent company had a long history of buying incipient and struggling R&D and tech firms to develop and license patents to third parties.

Faction Leveling[edit]

At the end of a match, you get XP or "REP" for the faction you chose at the start of the match. The rewards are listed under Reward Packages. Additionally you earn 130 REP for sucessfully evacing at the end of the match.

Faction Levels
Name Level Next Rank Requirement Total XP Required
Novice 1 100 0
Runner 2 300 100
Contractor 3 500 400
Associate 4 750 800
Agent 5 1,000 1550
Operative 6 1,500 2550
Specialist 7 2,000 4050
Partner 8 3,000 6050
Adept 9 4500 9050
Executor 10 - 13550