February 28th Playtest

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February 28th Playtest.jpg

February 28th Playtest[edit]

Released - February 28th, 2019

Update Size - N/A

Station overhaul[edit]

  • Complete new station UI (this will be further extended in the future)
  • New Item system
    • All weapons, abilities, and kits are now unique items that only have to be crafted once.
    • Mods are unique to their associated weapon, kit or ability, you only have to craft them once and can swap available mods for a specific slot.
  • New crafting system
    • We’ve introduced new uncommon and rare resources that are required to craft specific weapons.
    • Items are unique and only have to crafted once.

New weapons[edit]

  • Manticore (Flechette Assault Rifle)
  • PKR Maelstrom (Autoshotgun)
  • H.A.Z.E. (exotic Plasma launcher)
  • ICA Guarantee (LMG)

Modable versions of starter kit and items[edit]

  • Basic Prospector Kit Mk2 (standard kit with two mod slots)
  • CoTec S-76 Mk2 (SMG)
  • K-28 Autopistol Mk2 (Side arm)
  • C-32 Bolt Action Mk2 (Rifle)
  • FF4 Detonator Mk2 (Grenade Launcher)
  • Stim Boost

Ability mods[edit]

These mods completely change existing abilities and in essence almost double the number of available abilities!

  • Precision Strike (Orbital Bombardment) – Higher damage in a smaller area.
  • Orbital Barrage (Orbital Bombardment) – A barrage of smaller impacts over a larger area.
  • Warp Bomb (Directional Warp) – The directional warp emits a damaging explosion at the exit point.
  • Concealment Cloak (Cloaking Device) – Better effectiveness when static, but less effective while moving.
  • Evasion Cloak (Cloaking Device) – Receive a small speed boost while cloaked, at the cost of lower damage resistance while cloaked. When the cloak ends, damage reduction and speed are lowered for a short time.
  • Protective Shell (Kinetic Barrier) – Provides a shield around the user that protects from all damage for 3 seconds.
  • Safeguard (Kinetic Barrier) – Covers a larger area with a stronger shield, but it no longer prevents movement through it.
  • Adrenaline Shot (Stim Boost) – The stim boost heavily increases movement speed at the cost of delaying health regeneration.
  • Stand Your Ground (Stand Your Ground) – The stim boost temporarily provides a massive health increase, at the cost of heavily reduced movement speed and a health regeneration delay penalty.
  • Healing Aura (Triage Sphere) – The triage sphere moves with the prospector, at the cost of reduced healing power.
  • Skirmish Sphere (Triage Sphere) – Cover a larger area and harm hostiles at a cost of reduced healing.

New Enemy Class[edit]

  • A new creature type, christened “Howler” by Prospectors, has recently been spotted on Fortuna III. Be careful if you see them, they’re known to enrage and harden creatures nearby, as well as summon thralls to defend themselves. While their shell is difficult to penetrate, latest research indicates that these Howlers are highly vulnerable along their belly and back.

New contracts[edit]

  • Salvage Research Drones
  • Defend drone carrier – activates after a set amount of drones have been collected (dynamic contract)
  • Destroy drone carrier – triggers if a prospector of another faction activates drone carrier (dynamic contract)
  • Storm surge – high-risk high reward event that may trigger mid-match –> collect crystals, but don’t get hit by lightning strikes (dynamic contract)
  • Added new red zeal mechanic, triggers in final match phase (win two contract points if you evacuate with the red zeal)

Character customization (for starters)[edit]

  • We’ve introduced the first character customization options:
    • 5 Archetypes
    • 34 head variants male
    • 4 base suits
    • 11 chest variants
    • 11 glove variants
    • 11 boot variants

General improvements[edit]

  • More environmental storytelling was added across the map.
  • Nests that can be looted across the map have been reworked.
  • Added an identification terminal in the central area.
  • Changed the DBNO mechanic:
    • If you are revived by another player or survive in DBNO for the full duration, you get back into the match.
    • If you teleport to your spawn location, DBNO goes on a 3 min cooldown. If you get down before this cooldown, you’re eliminated.
  • You can now take your loadout into sandbox.
  • Added shooting range to the sandbox.
  • Added credit packs so we can check how your abilities and weapons work upgraded.
  • Weapon re-balancing based on internal and player feedback.
  • Ability re-balancing based on internal and player feedback.
  • All audio was migrated to a new system and SFX have been reworked.
  • Polish on several weapon skins.
  • Kit speed has been rebalanced, kit and item mods no longer improve overall speed.
  • Fixed over 600 bugs.