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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for The Cycle. While there is little information available as to the particulars of the gameplay at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Getting Started with The Cycle[edit]

The guide linked above is intended for all brand new players who know nothing about The Cycle or just need a bit of clarification on the early game mechanics.


For Frequently Asked Questions please visit this article.

Basic Gameplay[edit]

Once you load into a match you will have 20 minutes to stay on Fortuna III. You will be able to see a timer at the top of your screen that will tell you how much time is left in each match. It is your job to go around and complete as many contracts as possible. Right now there are 11 main contracts along with a few personal contracts. You can get more information on each of these here. You need to get the most VPs or Victory Points in order to win the match. You get VPs by completing contracts.


In each match you will get 4 contracts to try and complete. You need to be sure to do the most valuable contracts so that you can get the most VPs in the shortest amount of time.


In this contract you will be hunting marked creatures on Fortuna III. These creatures will drop biomass that you need to pick up in order to get points towards the contract. These also currently come in 4 tiers of difficulty.

"Hunts spawn randomly on the map, they are pretty time consuming, but allow you to get credits, exp, and VP while rotating towards better objectives and not letting your enemies know your exact position on the map."

read more > Hunt

Power Facilities:[edit]

In this contract you will head to facilities and uncover 3 terminals to power up the facility.

read more > Power Facilities

Zeal Shard:[edit]

In this contract you will head over to 1 of 3 zeal shards on the map. Once you pick up the zeal shard it will reveal your location on the map but it will give you points over time for holding it.

"Red Zeal Shard Spawns around 11:40 around 100 mts from Evac Platform, be aware of it Prospector"

read more > Zeal Shard

Veltecite Minerals:[edit]

In this contract you will fight off wildlife as you drill for Veltecite Minerals. You have to wait for the drill to finish mining in order to claim the Veltecite Minerals. The challenge depends on the size of the mineral vein.

"Veltecite Crystals get upgraded at the 12 minute mark, take this into account when walking past 100/200 minerals"

read more > Veltecite Minerals

Letium Gas:[edit]

In this contract you will head to Letium Gas Geysers and either drop a refinery on top, or claim a refinery from another Prospector.

Either way, for each refinery you own, you gain a certain amount of of points per second, working towards your contract.

"Stealing an enemy refiner isnt always the best decission, destroying a refiner and then putting a new one down wont alert enemies of your position"

read more > Letium Gas


In this contract you will head to an Uplink Station and capture the area. With the Uplink claimed, you work towards your Uplink contract over time. Be careful, as it can be claimed by other Prospectors.

read more > Uplink

Drone Salvages:[edit]

In this contract you will reactivate Drones and escort them to the Drone Carrier. After that, you must protect the Drone Carrier. After it flies of with the data from the Drones, you will work towards your contract.

"be careful of other Prospectors, their job is to make sure your drone never takes off, so always keep your surroundings in mind!"
-CC Stalker_Ente
"When Launching a Drone Carrier, you dont need to stay until it launches, check your map often to see how much time remains on it, leave it alone around 20 to 15 seconds to launch, it will survive to mobs and save you a good amount of time"

read more > Drone Salvage


There are many different settings that can effect your experience and gameplay within the game, if you are aiming to have the fastest and most snappy experience low settings in the Video tab will result in more Frames Per Second, if you like to explore and enjoy the map and ambience use High or Epic settings. There are many other settings that are to give players options and are all preference, for full details on all the settings please go to this article > Settings


For the full controls and keybinds please visit this article > Controls

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • It is possible to work on multiple contracts at the same time. For example, you could hunt and defend a mineral harvester at the same time, which means more points per second.
  • You are able to pact with other Prospectors to complete missions together, although you will receive penalties to shields and point gain
    • Be wary of your teammates! Anytime they can backstab you and keep all the rewards for themself.
      • Either way, pacting is an art. You may enjoy going alone, but then Prospectors can team up against you. If you like having somebody to depend on, you risk getting betrayed. It's a playstyle

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