Health Boost

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Health Boost
Health Boost.png
Faction Level
35 Seconds
Can be used in DBNO
Krypto Cost
Krypto-Marks.png 2000
In-Match Cost
UI Generic Icons credits.png 150

The Health Boost is an ability in The Cycle.


An injector that gives a small immediate health boost. There are also two different variant stims, Adrenaline shot that gives you a speed boost, and Stand your ground that is opposite and slows you down but halves the damage received.


While in a match similar to Weapons and Gadgets, Abilities can be upgraded twice each upgrade costs 100 credits and can be both beneficial and detrimental in different situations.

The upgrades cost, description and value can be seen below.

Upgrade Name Credit Cost Details
 Cooldown 5s UI Generic Icons credits.png 100
Attribute Modifier Type Modifier
 Cooldown 5s UI Generic Icons credits.png 100
Attribute Modifier Type Modifier

Update History[edit]

Release 16
  • Name changed, Stim Boost > Health Boost
Alpha V
  • New abilities
    • Stim Boost – On activation the Stim boost provides a quick health boost, and temporarily improves health regeneration and speed.