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Full Name
Independent Civilian Advisory
The Federation

The Independent Civilian Advisory (ICA) is a faction in The Cycle.


The Independent Civilian Advisory is a pseudo-political organization present on many permanent stations and settlements across Federal space. It exists with official recognition and support by the Federation to help set up civilian institutions and associations independent from any major companies or nations.

Officially, it's a non-profit organization that answers to the Federation and to the nation it operates under to ensure basic needs and freedoms for populations without interference by corporations. Less officially, it's the government in areas where there is no official, or effective, government.

The ICA's equipment offers a good mix of power and speed, making them well suited for any range of challenges on Fortuna III.

Faction Reputation/Levels[edit]


You've been completing quite a few contracts for us, Prospector, so I thought I should introduce myself properly. The name's Henri Maybach, Chief of Planetary Provisioning. That's a fancier way of saying I handle prospectors like you, set up and manage surface contracts, and few other less interesting tasks for the ICA on the station.

The file on you is a little sparse on details (like almost every new arrival to Prospect these days). Don't worry, I don't ask, and nobody here really cares about the past you. As long as you don't have a bounty, I suppose...

Anyway, if you came here from one of the Artery systems you've probably never seen an ICA setup before; we're the Independent Civilian Advisory. The ICA keeps corporations in check on new colonies and works for the ""common man"" until a proper government can be set up. We (well, my predecessors) were just about wrapping things up on Fortuna III when the Cycle hit. These days we make sure the station stays operational and the colonists and newcomers have someone to represent and fight for them. Without us, the corps would probably run this place like a slave camp, or worse.

Keep working for us, Prospector, and you won't just be helping yourself, but also everyone that calls Prospect station their home.

Well, that's it for the sales pitch. Take care of yourself down there!

H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Healing Aura (Ability) - A little portable device that heals the operator and any allies nearby. ICA Guarantee (Weapon) – Using the same (stolen) tech that powers the Voltaic Brute, this light machinegun chews through belts of batteries to power Fortuna III's most expensive light show.
Healing Aura Icon
Healing Aura
ICA Guarantee Icon
ICA Guarantee


Glad to see you're still working for us, Prospector. Competition here is fierce, not enough people want to head to the surface these days. Well, not as fierce as the fights and bets you prospectors have going, of course; no one up here ends encased in foam, thankfully (are you still conscious during all that by the way?).

One of the old colonists wanted me to thank you for your efforts down there. A facility powered up on one of the recent cycle runs you were on managed to transmit a good deal of old data up to the station, including stuff from her old workstation. Don't know what it was, but I got the impression it was more personal than work related. Just wanted you to know.


H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Shattergun (Weapon) – Sporting the trademark ICA ""blue wood bark"" aesthetic, this lever-action shotgun will shred through anything that gets too close. Snare Trap (Ability) – Not very damaging, but this energy-based snare will slow any creature or rival Prospector in their tracks.
Snare Trap Icon
Snare Trap
Shattergun Icon


Just wanted to thank you personally for the work you've been doing, the station's been operating without shortages for longer than I can remember thank to your efforts.

On the topic of shortages... would you be able to put some focus on collecting Brightcaps for the next few runs? Hydroponics' yield is never high enough, and Habitat charges through the roof for lab-protein. I know Osiris pays well for batches of those mushrooms for their lab experiments, but the things are still edible and actually taste pretty good. Plus, we can sell the surplus to traders; the things are unique to Fortuna III and treated like a delicacy among the ultra-rich.

Food for thought!


H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Safeguard (Ability) - A device that will create a large barrier around the user blocking all hostile, and friendly, weapons, but does nothing to impede movement. Kinetic Arbiter (Weapon) - A Fortuna III specialty, this powerful railgun lacks any sort of comfort or safety features whatsoever.
Kinetic Arbiter Icon
Kinetic Arbiter


Our weapons master has been looking for people willing to try out their latest creation. We usually don't hand out items this powerful to relatively new prospectors, but you've really earned it. I'll talk to Badum so he knows it's not a glitch, whenever you decide to order one down from his gear store.

How's Badum treating you, anyway? I remember when he first arrived to the station, the first ""Prospector"" of Fortuna III. Everyone thought he was crazy to explore the ""field dips"" (that's what we used to call the safe areas when the Cycle receded), but he kept coming back with veltecite, samples from strange creatures, and even stranger tales of what he'd seen. Didn't take long for word to get out and the corps to set up contracts for specific resources, got the ball rolling for this to be an actual business.

I'm glad he's retired, though. Keeps things organized for us, helps out the new prospectors and keeps the peace between the hotheads on the station.

Hope you make good use of your new toy!
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Voltaic Brute (Weapon) – Devastating at close range without losing too much power further out, the Brute is one of the most versatile weapons in a Prospector's arsenal.
Voltaic Brute Icon
Voltaic Brute

I imagine by now you've explored most of the Bright Sands Cape area, so I've got to ask; have you found anyone? Any colonists, I mean, of course you've found plenty of competing prospectors. Just, any trace at all? I ask everyone that's explored the area closely enough, just in case.

I know there's no one left on the surface after the evacuation, we would have found something by now, received a signal, something. But there's nothing, no sign of what happened to everyone once the Cycle hit in full. I was on Bright Sands during the final days, part of the crew working on the new science campus. When the call to evac came the city had already collapsed and people flooded the cape trying to reach the landing platforms there. It was a real refugee camp, there must've been thousands left in the area when I finally made it out on one of the last ships to leave the planet.

And now there's nothing left. Everyone just vanished without a trace. Not many of us here talk about it anymore, and the corps don't care at all. Korolev must have lost ten thousand workers and they just counted it as an operational loss...

Anyway, just let me know if you find something.

Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Orbital Barrage (Ability) - Basically a shotgun, fired from space, repeatedly. Not very subtle.
Orbital Barrage Icon
Orbital Barrage


I thought you should know that we've finally got a full copy of ""Dastardly Hearts 3"". Yeah, I know what you're thinking ""They made a third one?"" Well, they did, filmed on our very own Fortuna III! I was even an extra for some of the crowd shots! Sadly the Cycle hit while they were wrapping up and the production team never uploaded a copy off planet before they were rushed out their hotel, and the project died there.

But, we found it! One of the Uplink probes managed to dig through the network at the facility it was connected to and we've pieced together every bit of film they recorded for it. Took two years since we found the first data fragment, but it's been worth the wait! And even if Erezal Films doesn't want its movie back, a full copy will be worth a fortune on the open market!

Enjoy the watch, and let me know if you can spot me!


H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Cloaking Device (Ability) – While not effective during combat, this cloaking will turn its wearer into little more than an ethereal blur, as well as hide them from any scanners.
Cloaking Device Icon
Cloaking Device


I've been getting reports that the frequency Cycle Spikes has increased significantly ever since the Cycle opened up over the cape. When the Cycle shrinks enough to leave a gap on the surface above it, you'll still sometimes get short spikes before it surges back completely and repeats the cycle. Turns a small area into a concentrated version of the storms you see when the Cycle's just about risen back up.

Hazardous as all hell, of course, but we've been studying these ""surge crystals"" for a while now, and the samples that we can study before they decay completely show they're very similar to the Zeal you'd find in the core of a veltecite vein, just far more unstable. We've not managed to make any use of it so far, but Osiris is paying out the nose for more samples, and we're happy to charge them for it.

I know It's a big ask, but keep a look out for spikes if you can!


H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
Lacerator (Weapon) – Crystalline shards may be an unconventional munition, but this simple semi-automatic rifle will embed them into targets near and far.
Lacerator Icon


Wanted to thank you again for your recent work, the station's really benefiting from what you've been doing.

As a heads up, the IFA's been requesting additional data on what's going on Fortuna III and Prospect station. Thankfully all the Federal Authority requests go through us, so we can make things here seem as uninteresting and mundane as they are on any frontier mining planet, post worldwide cataclysm or no. And of course we're not sharing any info on prospectors, so don't worry about that.

Not like they don't have more important things to care about; things are heating up in the Artery systems again, Demia's rattling sabers again, so I doubt they're going to spare a fleet to spend six years just to get here and slap us with a fine.


H. Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
SAR-62B 'Advocate' (Weapon) – Low recoil and high rate of fire make this assault rifle a popular choice for Prospectors.
Advocate Icon

Usually I'd just congratulate prospectors for sticking around with us for so long, but in your case I have some insider info to give out as well.

There's been some… ""discontent"" on the station recently. The old colonists, and especially their kids, aren't happy with how the ICA has been running things. Getting too comfortable with the status quo, caring more about profit than the people, all that. A big group's risen up calling themselves ""The Fortunates"", and they want to handle planet provisioning and prospector relations from now on.

I don't know where I stand in all this. These guys want to go back to the planet, and I get it, I was born there. But I don't see how that's realistic. And some of these people are… I don't know.

Anyway, just thought I should let you know in case I get replaced overnight. At least the station will still need mechanics like me no matter which way this goes.

See you around,

Henri Maybach
Your new standing grants you a blueprint for the following items:
HAZE – Though what exactly the Teratomorphic Field, or ""The Cycle"", is still not fully understood, the HAZE is able to produce energy emissions similar to those that mark its start.


The Independent Civilian Advisory, more commonly known as the ICA or simply “civies”, is a pseudo-political organization present on many permanent stations and settlements across federal space. Created early on during humanity’s expansion into space, it originated from the need for organization after an environmental catastrophe crippled a growing colony, which was subsequently abandoned to its fate by the major corporations, without the infrastructure to support itself until the Federation could arrive to provide assistance.

The Federation officially recognizes and supports the ICA in its mission to help set up civilian institutions and associations, independent from any major companies or nations. In most situations this revolves around setting up workers’ unions, assisting new settlers, setting up necessary organizations, monitoring growing infrastructure, and so forth. Officially, it’s a non-profit organization that answers to the Federation and to the nation it operates under, to ensure basic needs and freedoms for populations without interference by corporations. Realistically, it’s the government in areas where there is no official, or effective, government.

On Prospect Station the ICA runs several companies and businesses needed to keep the station community healthy and acts as an interface between the official station owners, the corporations, the Federation, and Prospectors. Due to the precarious nature of life on Prospect Station, the ICA holds much greater relative power than it would under normal circumstances. In essence, it’s solely responsible for keeping the non-corporate population on the station alive and well. It’s not above ignoring the laws or dealing with criminal elements either, as long as this is in the interest of the station’s population or its continued semi-independence.

While the ICA has the responsibility to report to the federal authority, since the Federation provides it with legitimacy and limited support, on Prospect station it values freedom from the more “oppressing” facets of the Federation, the nations, and the greater corporations, and thus limits itself heavily.

Though it may not report the flaunting of many of the Federation’s laws and rules, it will not hesitate to raise the alarm if the corporations (or other entities) threaten the safety of the station population. This is something the other factions are keenly aware of, particularly given there are ICA affiliated agents embedded everywhere on Prospect; many in an official capacity (overseeing proper O2 and food distribution, deck/living-quarter representatives, etc.), but most being “normal” station civilians, station personnel, and lower tier corporate employees that simply have a perfectly legal interest in bettering their community.

Dev Note

"Independent Civilian Advisory",This should sound as boringly official as possible.

Concept art – ICA leadership

On Prospect station, the ICA is headed by a committee representing the various interests on the station: heads of districts, small business representatives, union heads, spiritual leaders, etc. The people that compose the ICA (as in, work full time or are heavily invested in it) primarily come from the first wave of settlers in the initial expedition – They are the people who lived on the planet itself and have been on the station long enough for it to truly be their home or even their place of birth. These people know better than anyone how to utilize the planet’s unique resources, and are best adapted to life on our fringe station.

The ICA is the oldest faction on Prospect, having been present on Fortuna III since before the Cycle began. Once the evacuation took place, the ICA changed its goals from establishing a colony to keeping the peace and assuring sustainability on Prospect station. They were the first to start hiring Prospectors to retrieve resources or perform small objectives while on the planet.

After years of relative stability on the station, ICA heads have shifted their focus to maintaining the status quo; the relative lawlessness is profitable for their pockets, and most people staying on or coming to the station want the frontier life, away from the Federation, nation states, or megacorps…


ICA weapons are designed and made on the station, using what materials are available. They might be two common weapons combined and modified in order to use a different energy source, salvaged ship parts converted into a weapon, or perhaps a rifle that uses the properties of a planet-specific resource to charge itself. They have a distinct individual look, as they are not mass produced, even if they may use factory-made parts.

File:ICA bluewood.jpg
Concept art – Blue Wood tree to scale

The signature blue of standard edition ICA weapons, is thanks to one of their base materials: Blue Wood harvested from the trees found on the surface of Fortuna III.


Building on the ICA’s own Shattergun, this battle rifle is tuned to discharge the crystalline shards it uses as ammunition in a more controlled and accurate burst.

Though less powerful than other rifles, the Lacerator is still a capable and accurate weapon at most ranges, boasting a decent fire rate, accuracy, and handling.


Made of parts built on Prospect station with material from the surface and combined with salvaged components from power tools meant to build star ships, the “Brute” more than lives up to its name.

It offers high damage and a high rate of fire, but also suffers from significant recoil. While it can be difficult to control and loses power over range, few weapons are deadlier at close range!


While developing a velticite-powered plasma cannon, ICA scientists discovered that High Amplitude Zender Emissions had an effect remarkably similar to that of the energy field known as “The Cycle”. However, due to the rapid decay of the plasma fuelling them, these H.A.Z.E. fields are thankfully much shorter lived than the anomaly enveloping Fortuna III.

The Launchers projectiles create one of those highly dangerous fields upon impact. The operator can fire additional rounds into it in order to counteract the H.A.Z.E. field’s decay and even grow it, greatly increasing the area it affects. If the field reaches critical mass, it will explode in a devastating release of energy.