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K-Marks(Krypto Marks) is the new iteration of the crafting system, previously players had to collect Materials to craft weapons and gear, now its a Soft Currency. K-Marks are used to purchase weapons, mods and abilities from the faction armouries.

For more info, read the dev article about the new system here, it is called Guns For Cash.


Currently, there is a hard cap where a user can have no more than 1,000,000 K-Marks, any K-Marks gained after the reaching the limit will be lost.

Obtaining K-marks[edit]

Currently the only known way of obtaining K-Marks is from placement within a match.

Placement K-Mark Reward
1st 1250
2nd-3rd 1150
4th-6th 1000
7th-10th 850
11th-14th 750
15th-20th 600

List of Krypto Cost[edit]

Here is a list of all the Krypto cost for weapons, kit, gadgets, and abilities.

Weapon List of Krypto Cost
Icon Item Name Faction Faction Level Krypto Cost
Hammer-small.png Hammer Korolev 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1500
Bulldog-small.png Bulldog ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1500
AR-55 Phase Autorifle-small.png AR-55 Phase Autorifle ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Scarab Pistol-small.png Scarab Pistol Osiris 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1500
KOR-47-small.png KOR-47 Korolev 2 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
ICA Guarantee-small.png ICA Guarantee ICA 2 Krypto-Marks.png 12000
Asp Flechette Gun-small.png Asp Flechette Gun Osiris 2 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
KOMRAD-small.png KOMRAD Korolev 3 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Shattergun-small.png Shattergun ICA 3 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Phasic Lancer-small.png Phasic Lancer Osiris 3 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Kinetic Arbiter-small.png Kinetic Arbiter ICA 4 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
KBR Longshot-small.png KBR Longshot Korolev 5 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Voltaic Brute-small.png Voltaic Brute ICA 5 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Manticore-small.png Manticore Osiris 5 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Gorgon-small.png Gorgon Osiris 6 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
KM-9 Scrapper-small.png KM-9 Scrapper Korolev 7 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
PKR Maelstrom-small.png PKR Maelstrom Korolev 8 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
Lacerator-small.png Lacerator ICA 8 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Basilisk-small.png Basilisk Osiris 8 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
KARMA-1-small.png KARMA-1 Korolev 9 Krypto-Marks.png 12000
Advocate-small.png Advocate ICA 9 Krypto-Marks.png 8000
KARLA-small.png KARLA Korolev 10 Krypto-Marks.png 12000
HAZE-small.png HAZE ICA 10 Krypto-Marks.png 12000
Zeus Beam-small.png Zeus Beam Osiris 10 Krypto-Marks.png 12000

Gadget List of Krypto Cost
Icon Item Name Faction Faction Level Krypto Cost
Kheper Revitalizer.png Kheper Revitalizer Osiris 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1000
Recall Teleporter.png Recall Teleporter ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1000
Lost Prospector Recall Teleporter.png Lost Prospector Recall Teleporter ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1700

Kit List of Krypto Cost
Icon Item Name Faction Faction Level Krypto Cost
Boxer Warsuit.png Boxer Warsuit Korolev 1 Krypto-Marks.png 100
Dragonfly Flightsuit.png Dragonfly Flightsuit ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 100
Aani QuickSuit.png Aani QuickSuit Osiris 1 Krypto-Marks.png 100
Augmented Kit.png Augmented Kit ICA 1 Krypto-Marks.png 100

Ability List of Krypto Cost
Icon Item Name Faction Faction Level Krypto Cost
Heavy Turret.png Heavy Turret Korolev 1 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Cloaking Device.png Cloaking Device CoTec 1 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Energy Turret.png Energy Turret Korolev 1 Krypto-Marks.png 1700
Triage Sphere.png Triage Sphere Osiris 2 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Healing Aura.png Healing Aura ICA 2 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Health Boost.png Health Boost Korolev 2 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Kinetic Barrier.png Kinetic Barrier Korolev 3 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Snare Trap.png Snare Trap ICA 3 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Adrenaline Shot.png Adrenaline Shot Osiris 3 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Orbital Bombardment.png Orbital Bombardment Korolev 4 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Directional Warp.png Directional Warp Osiris 4 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Precision Strike.png Precision Strike Osiris 4 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Evasion Cloak.png Evasion Cloak Korolev 4 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Safe Guard.png Safe Guard ICA 4 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Orbital Barrage.png Orbital Barrage ICA 6 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Stand Your Ground.png Stand Your Ground Korolev 6 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Protective Shell.png Protective Shell Osiris 7 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Surveillance Ward.png Surveillance Ward Osiris 8 Krypto-Marks.png 4000
Skirmish Sphere.png Skirmish Sphere Korolev 8 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Warp Bomb.png Warp Bomb Korolev 9 Krypto-Marks.png 2000
Concealment Cloak.png Concealment Cloak Osiris 9 Krypto-Marks.png 2000