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The lore of The Cycle and the world of Fortuna III is an ever growing story being built upon with each release, first the factions were given there origins and now we are exploring new adventures while learning about old ones. Most of the lore is comprised of Faction articles by the devs as seen on their website, or in inbox messages in-game.

Lore Articles[edit]

Fortuna III/Before the Storm



~~22nd Century (speculated that it is around 2150) Faster than light travel is discovered and Antares is discovered, the first earth like planet to be colonized. A few years after that TMON happens.
2298 Paper about H-C5 planets is released and gets bought by a company. (Same company building the science campus)
2299 Set up for the travel to fortuna III begins and launches
2300 Travel for fortuna III begins.
2309 Reached fortuna III and colonization of it begins.
2312 Colonization finishes and the federation is getting reports
2325 Cycle first shows up and fortuna III gets evacuated.
2327 Prospecting starts urged by ICA.
2332 Prospecting pushed hard by Korolev and Osiris demand.
2339 Present Day