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Hanging over Fortuna III, Prospect Station is the staging area for all raids on the surface of the planet. It's not pretty, but it's functional. Better get used to the spinning collection of tin cans if you plan to scrape together a living in these parts. A place where all prospectors old and new, rich and poor, can all devise their plan to kill the most monsters, collect the most loot, and finish the most contracts.


While visiting Prospect Station, you can visit different destinations. For example, head to Leaderboards station to stay up the date with best ranked players in the world!

The Lucky Leafmans tavern, is an place you can see you story missions progress, and more!(Or just chill, we don't judge). While visiting the station, head to Windfall's Shop. There you can find the best gear suited for you(Cosmetics don't grant any competitive advantages) Oh what's that? You need new guns to play with? No worries, prospect station has it all! There are three different factions to choose from, ICA, Korolev and Osiris.

Now that you have your guns, there are loads of Loadout boxes throughout the station. All Loadout boxes have pink glowing hologram over it.

You have some uncompleted challenges? Don't you worry, we have Fortuna pass station to the left of leaderboards station

Or you want to drop down to Fortuna III to hunt some beasts? Launch Terminal is between the windfall's shop and Fortuna Pass.

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