Release 9 - Season Two

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Release 9 - Season Two-crop.jpg

Welcome to Crescent Falls Prospectors!

Season 2 is starting and alongside we bring you tons of new customization items, a new map,  new Archetypes, a new Fortuna Pass & a lot more to Fortuna III.

Let us check out the new content and changes coming in Season 2!

MAP 2 – Cresent Falls, New Fortuna Pass, New Archetypes, Tons of Customization & Much More![edit]

Release 9 - Season Two-1.jpg

Crescent Falls is ready to be explored! Drop down into the vast area of map 2 and explore the best routes to traverse through the different biomes!

Show everyone how skilled you are, as you have to traverse more vertically than on Bright Sands.

Make sure you are fit for the EVAC-zone that lies in a vale, as there are lots of spots to hide!

The 2 new Archetypes are the Troublemaker and the Korolev Paladin.

A dust cloud on the horizon and the roar of gravbike engines…those are trademarks of the Troublemaker.

You will spot her long before you see her, and she doesn’t slow down for anyone. For her, you are little more than another obstacle on an otherwise open road.

Release 9 - Season Two-2.jpg

Korolev is tired of losing their workforce to hungry alien wildlife. This is why they developed the “Paladin” segmented armor.

Brutally effective and not devoid of a certain rough aesthetic, Prospectors quickly started referring to it as the “Brutyful”.

Release 9 - Season Two-3.jpg

You can now customize your Drop Pods and your Rides! We have implemented new styles for your Gravbikes, so what are you waiting for Prospector?

Show everyone on Fortuna III that you are born to be wild!

Release 9 - Season Two-4.jpg

Along the new Gravbike styles we also implemented the option to change the design of your Drop Pod. If you drop onto the surface, do it with flair!

Release 9 - Season Two-5.jpg

Besides these new options, we also have tons of new customization items for old Archetypes, a whole bunch of new coatings and skins for your weapons, new banners, new emotes, new foam poses and a lot of new and different melee weapons!

A lot of these things are included in the Season 2 – Fortuna Pass!

To level up your Fortuna Pass we have a lot of new Challenges for you, some of them are based on locations, emotes or banners.

Release 9 - Season Two-6.jpg

Gameplay, Misc & Quality of Life Changes[edit]

  • You can now sprint while reloading
  • Ranked Mode improvements:
    • Exact rank points of friends should be visible to all players
    • Exact rank points on the global leaderboard should be visible to top players
    • Random matchmaking text made clearer – We currently don’t use skill based matchmaking and this is reflected on the button now
    • Adjusted Ranked mode multipliers – This change will influence the amount of points that you receive, especially in higher ranks when playing in lobbies with a lower average rank
  • Interaction timer changes
    • Letium Gas – Time to steal a refiner is reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds (50 % faster)
    • Weapon and Abilities – The pickup up time for weapons and abilities is reduced from 1 to 0.3 (70 % faster)
  • Re-queue is not available in ranked mode anymore, only in normal game modes
    • Please still be careful in your normal matches when using the re-queue, we are still working on refining the feature
  • New ways to get Season XP!
    • Finish, win and evacuate from matches and get sweet Fortuna Pass XP
  • Various updates to the UI
    • Navigating the menus is now easier than before
  • MK1 Items no longer exist
    • You are now able to apply weapon skins and mods to your starting loadout
  • Hide HUD (Community Feedback)
    • You can disable your HUD when you check the box in the menu. The standard hotkey is “I”
  • Zeal Contract
    • Point thresholds for Duo and Squad increased
    • Duo changed from 250/480/690 -> 280/550/800 (12 % / 15 % / 16 % longer)
    • Squad changed from 250/480/690 -> 330/650/950 (32 % / 35 % / 38 % longer)
  • Virtual Training mode! New training environment allows you to:
    • Test your loadouts in the shooting range
    • Try every contract in a controlled learning environment and easily swap contracts
    • As always, you can join the Virtual Training Mode while matchmaking
  • We improved the 3rd Person animations
  • A New Brute Model is implemented
  • Vehicle Changes
    • Increased the vehicle movement speed from 1100 to 1300 (18 % faster)
    • Increased the vehicle movement speed boost from 1400 to 1600 (14 % faster)
    • Increased the direct damage from 100 to 175 (75 % stronger)
    • Decreased the health from 750 to 600 (20 % weaker)
    • Removed the ability to double and triple jump with a Ride while wearing the Quicksuit
  • Removed Autopistol and pistol from the K-28 and Scarab names
  • Reduced the aggro value on DBNO from mobs. This should make it a bit easier to help your friend in distress
  • Reduced the health of Plunderbots, pouring some coffee over them seemed to do the trick
  • Story Quest 6 (Season 1) is now more Prospector friendly, you can find the graffitis more easily


  • Boxer Warsuit
    • Shield Increased regeneration rate from 20 to 48 Decreased regeneration delay from 7.5 to 6 (respectively 140 % and 20 % faster)
  • Aani Quicksuit
    • Shield Increased regeneration rate from 20 to 30 Decreased regeneration delay from 7.5 to 6 (respectively 50 % and 20 % faster)
  • Ninja Slide
    • The slide is made a little bit shorter
  • Extra Charge kit mod
    • Adjusted the maximum slide speed from 0.75 to forward leap speed 0.97 -> The mod now influences the speed you leap out of your slide rather than lowering the slide distance which removed the basic slide. (29 % faster: This percentage is not really correct because these are two different things. It is therefore to be taken for information purposes.)
  • Dragonfly
    • We tweaked the SFX of the slam
    • Shield Increased regeneration rate from 20 to 33 Decreased regeneration delay from 7.5 to 6 (respectively 65 % and 20 % faster)
    • Jetpack Charge
      • Adjusted the Jetpack Slam angle from 35 to 40 (14 % more horizontal)
      • Increased jetpack charge minimum distance from 800 to 900 (13 % further)
      • Decreased jetpack charge in air wait time from 0.6 to 0.4 (33 % faster)
    • Jetpack Dive angle mod
      • Now adds 10 degrees rather than 30% (17 % less efficient)
  • Basic Kit
    • Shield Increased regeneration rate from 20 to 33 Decreased regeneration delay from 7.5 to 6 (respectively 65 % and 20 % faster)
    • Health Increased regeneration rate from 20 to 33 Increased regeneration delay from 6 to 12 (respectively 65 % faster and 100 % slower)
  • Jetpacks
    • Decreased fuel consumption from 55 to 45 (18 % more efficient)
    • Increased jump velocity from 650 to 750 (15 % faster)


  • Ability
    • Changed Stim Boost name to Health Boost

Weapon Mods

  • Scopes
    • Removed negative targeting times
    • Removed weak spot modifiers
    • Removed weapon equip times


  • Knife
    • Decreased damage against Prospectors from 150 to 80 (47 % weaker)
  • KBR Longshot
    • Adjusted recoil
    • Increased damage from 100 to 120 (20 % stronger)
  • Phasic Lancer
    • Adjusted recoil
    • Changed direct damage falloff multiplier from 0.3 to 0.6 (100 % stronger)
  • Lacerator
    • Increased damage from 63 to 75 (19 % stronger)
  • Karla
    • Spread
      • Increased default weapon spread from 0.1 to 10 (9900 % less accurate)
      • Increased the weapon spread decrease speed 15 to 20 (33 % longer)
      • Increased the weapon spread maximum from 12 to 15 (25 % less accurate)
      • Decreased the weapon spread decrease since last shot time from 1.4 to 0.5 (64 % faster)
    • Precision Chamber
      • Changed the weapon spread increase rate from 0.75 set to weapon spread maximum 0.6 (20 % more accurate: This percentage is not really correct because these are two different things. It is therefore to be taken for information purposes.)
  • Shattergun
    • Default spread reticle adjusted
    • Increased refire time from 1.45 to 1.55 (7 % slower)
    • Reduced direct damage falloff start range from 1000 to 500 (50 % shorter)
    • Increased direct damage falloff end range from 2000 to 2500 (25 % further)
    • Reduced direct damage falloff multiplier from 0.8 to 0.55 (31 % stronger)
    • Decreased ammo count from 5 to 4 (20 % less)
    • Unstable Material
      • Lowered the spread of the mod
  • Scrapper
    • Decreased direct damage from 38 to 34 (11 % weaker)
    • Decreased direct damage falloff start range from 1000 to 750 (25 % shorter)
    • Decreased direct damage falloff end range from 3000 to 2500 (17 % shorter)
    • Burst mode
      • Adjusted the function of the mode, so it is not fully automatic
  • Basilisk
    • Increased the refire time from 0.85 to 1 (18 % slower)
  • Kinetic Arbiter
    • Gravity Scale to from 0.8 to 0.03 (96 % more straight)
    • Initial Projectile Speed 30000 (15 % faster: previous Initial Projectile Speed was 26000 according to the wiki.)
  • C-32 Bolt Action
    • Decreased the gravity scale from 0.8 to 0.02 (98 % more straight)
    • Increased the initial projectile speed from 28000 to 33000 (18 % faster)
  • Karma-1
    • Decreased gravity scale from 0.6 to 0.03 (95 % more straight)
    • Increased initial projectile speed 22000 to 28000 (27 % faster)


  • It is still possible to be stuck in melee state when a rare bug occurs
  • MK2 weapons are still called MK2 and this will be fixed in a future release
  • The EULA pop up might link to a different language when you press on the print version, though you can manually swap
  • If your name contains special characters it is not shown properly
  • Items still lose their upgrades when dropped, we’re working to remedy this in the future!
  • When you die in a duo or squad match your team rank will not change until all of the players have either escaped or get foamed. We know that this can cause some confusion but the rank is shown at the end of the match will be the correct one
  • If you are using a controller, please note: There is no full controller support, yet
  • There are still some items that hover in the air while on a Laser Drill
  • Destroyed Rides might have collision issues and or weird texture behavior
  • If a lobby gets completely wiped the result screen might show wrong placements
  • Some Challenges might have a wrong language, that will be fixed with the next release
  • There are locations where Drop Pods might hover in the air
  • Some of the Paladin Icons and items have minor display issues when equipped in the station
  • Laser Drill still can have some texture issues

Release Images[edit]

Release 9 - Season Two.jpg