Release 16.2

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We’ve increased projectile speeds for the assault rifles a little bit.

The experience was that players had to still strongly lead their shots. We’ll keep an eye out and hope to find a great middle ground. Additionally, we also lowered the targeting bloom for the assault rifles.


Projectile speed increased from 300 to 350


Projectile speed increased from 330 to 390


Projectile speed increased from 150 to 250


Lowered the Recoil on the basilisk.


We’ve changed the Zeus and Revitalizer beam and we like to try to translate this into the gorgon as well. This means that the beam will react faster to your movement while firing. So we increase the fire rate and lower the damage.

Refire time decreased from 0.213 to 0.03 (Faster Fire Rate) Direct damage decreased from 26 to 12 Burst interval changed from 0.05 to 0.027 (Shorter time between bursts) Burst amount increased from 6 to 15 Ammo count increased from 36 to 90


Crossed Resistor

Direct weapon damage lowered by 50% is now lowered by 20% Does not remove the initial spinup anymore.

FF4 Detonator[edit]

Radial damage reduced 400 to 375


Mortar launcher

Explosive radial reduction of 25% removed.

PKR Maelstrom[edit]

Reload time reduced from 2.75 to 2.2 Refire time decreased from 0.47 to 0.42 (Faster Fire Rate)


PKR Maelstrom and Shattergun[edit]

Level 2 upgrade rate of fire increase by 10% changed to 5% damage increase

Bulldog, Kor-47 and Advocate[edit]

The shredder mods now mirror the other mods to add 10% on each weapon.

Asp Flechette Gun[edit]

The handles are now properly linked and negatives removed.

ICA Guarantee[edit]

Light container and Battery Belt mod name and description updated to reflect their perks.

Contract Adjustment[edit]

Zeal pickup VO will only play for the player that picked it up Zeal drop damage threshold only counts damage from players, not creatures Delayed Uplink activation across game modes to 2 mins and active time before rotating to 6 mins Cycle Spike has been tuned to happen a little bit later in the match Probability of having a Cycle Spike is now increased or decreased based on what other Contracts are active in the match Base probability of 75% -25% if either Hunt or Powerup is in the match -50% if both are active

Map Changes[edit]

The train rails in Bright Sands and Crescent Falls have changed a bit

Release 16.1-1.jpg
Release 16.1-2.jpg
Release 16.1-3.jpg


“Help!” VO has a 20s cooldown instead of 5s

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Suit mod execution buff that grants 10% damage on kill for a short duration gave the bonus permanently. This has now been changed to 3% bonus damage for 3 seconds which can stack. The bonus does not refresh on kills.
  • Some small fixes regarding the shop and the rotation of items.
  • Some players could not enter the Station after the Tutorial, this was fixed now.
  • Daily Challenges re-roll got fixed.
  • Gadgets got their descriptions back.
  • Equipping Charms works fine again.
  • The Ping system is working fine again.
  • Guns will not stop shooting mid-movement.
  • The EVAC ship disco has been shut down, as the lights got fixed.
  • Tracker head style icon got fixed.
  • Players should look into the direction they are shooting at in 3rd person (fixed again).
  • The visual bug of the Soft Currency limit was fixed.
  • DE – “Schließen” is now properly shown.
  • Monsters will no longer spawn under the EVAC platform.
  • You will no longer get Krypto Marks when you quit a match from the Lobby or the Drop Pod sequence

Known Issues[edit]

  • Challenges that have progress, but are not yet completed do not have graphical progress displayed in their bars. Progress is only depicted in the bars if the challenge is completed.
  • If you equip a charm on a weapon that already has a charm, the old charm gets invisible. Please relog to get it back to the inventory.

Release Image[edit]

Release 16.2.jpg