Release 17.1

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Weapon Balance[edit]

General Increased recoil value for all SMGs.

S-576 PDW[edit]

  • Reduced magazine size from 30 to 25.


  • Increased recoil value.
  • Increased reloading time from 1.55s to 2s.
  • Decreased magazine size from 90 to 75.

Voltaic Brute[edit]

  • Reduced damage from 40 to 35.


  • Increased direct damage from 200 to 250.
  • Increased radial damage from 250 to 300.

Phasic Lancer[edit]

  • Improve refiring time from 0.305s to 0.25s.

PKR Maelstrom[edit]

  • Increased rate of fire from 0.42s to 0.38s.
  • The maximum trace distance for the bullets has been increased allowing to deal damage to players beyond 45 meters.

K-28 Autopistol[edit]

  • Increased projectile speed from 23000 to 25000.

KBR Longshot[edit]

  • Reduced recoil while in ADS.


Ranked modes will now include 1 recall, for a total of 2 lives per game. Ranked modes will still not include recall batteries. Additional information on contract HUD (amount of Brightcaps on hand for instance) will now be visible at all times.


  • Level 2 upgrades in-match will now work properly.
  • Fixed a faulty value, evacing in Solo will now grant the expected 10 VP instead of 20.
  • Fixed an ongoing issue where players were unable to equip weapon Skins and Charms.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to go into negative K-Marks values. No more buying stuff on credit!
  • Fixed a lot of stuff regarding Career Stats, including info on Brightcaps, Power-up Stations, VP, Mag-Train and Hunts.
  • Fixed an issue that would duplicate your character in the station. Remember you’re unique and no one is like you out there.
  • You will now be able to talk to Emmanuel Sullivan from across the desk. He’s still trying to scrub off all those boot prints.
  • Swapping weapons should now show the proper weapon previews.
  • Vehicle skins can be equipped again.
  • Fixed a few display errors in the RU version of the game.
  • All members of a squad will now know what they’re currently queuing for.
  • Fixed a few issues regarding the interface for Prospector Levels.
  • Fixed a sound issue where footsteps and slides wouldn’t be heard.
  • Voice activation shouldn’t be automatically turned on regardless of player settings anymore.
  • Weapon Charms will now be shown and properly attached to weapons during a match.
  • Weapon preview will now properly show equipped Skins and Charms.
  • The exact amount of Aurum will be properly displayed in every starter pack.

Known Issues[edit]

  • You may get a notification notice twice when purchasing more than 20 Fortuna Pass levels at once.
  • The keybinding for “pinging” is not working as expected. Here’s how it currently works:
  • Single click: Ping the specified location.
  • Double click: Ping for hostiles (i.e. “We’ve got some Prospectors here).
  • Hold click: Open the comm wheel.
  • There may still be some issues regarding weapon skins. Please don’t hesitate to use the in-game report if you come across something.

Release Image[edit]

Release 17.1.jpg