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Halloween Event[edit]

It’s getting spooky on Fortuna III Prospectors!

We all know what this means: it’s time for our special Halloween Event! Prospect Station and Fortuna III sure look different these days, like they’re possessed by some evil spirit. Moreover, a malicious spell has turned Brightcaps into pumpkins and eggs into cauldrons. Uncanny! We have prepared some new ominous challenges for you as well, so try to finish them all to get you hands on exclusive, terrifying rewards!

Make sure that you equip your Pumpkin Head, it is automatically in your appearance inventory and you just need to put it on! As we all know that Pumpkins can get bad and squashy… the head that you can wear during the time of the event will be gone after it is over. The rewards that you get from the challenges are yours to keep forever though!

The weekly challenges will last for the whole duration of the event and the rewards that you can obtain have some fancy new features – sound & VFX. That means that you have two full weeks to complete them and to grab those sweet, sweet rewards.

The Rewards: A ton of season XP An animated “Leafenstein” banner A new “Rest in Foam” banner A “Leafenstein” spray A “Pumpkin” spray

If you wanna make your guns extra spooky, you can just go ahead and grab some additional exclusive weapon charms from our shop. These can be purchased directly with K-Marks and can be bought several times, so go crazy Prospectors!

  • Grenade
    • The grenade looks like a jack o’ lantern

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The chat window had some overlap issues that got fixed!
  • Weapon refire bug with the recall teleporter got fixed!
  • Prospector Challenge icons got fixed!
  • Small performance adjustments.

Release Image[edit]

Release 20.jpg