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RELEASE #7.3[edit]

Hello Prospectors,

Welcome to the new year, the new decade! We are back on track and we are looking forward to all the great things 2020 will bring to Fortuna III and The Cycle. Thank you so much for your participation in the Map 2 playtest. It was great fun to return to Crescent Falls with you!

Remember Season 1 will run until January 23rd.

WHAT IS IN RELEASE #7.3?[edit]


It’s time to end the holiday season, therefore the Event is over and you will no longer be able to craft the holiday items. The vehicles will have their standard sound again and everything on Fortuna III returns back to normal. Well… not everything – The Cycle of course still rages on!


Dev Comment: After your feedback about the Veltecite Mineral Contract we adjusted it again. We reverted the change from 7.Xmas “The Veltecite Mineral Contract tiers now give 1, 3, 5 VP”

Please let us know how it feels with this change.

  • The Veltecite Mineral Contract tiers now give 1, 2, 3, 4 VP
    • In SOLO/DUO the points needed are: 280, 550, 800, 1000
    • In SQUAD the points needed are: 350, 700, 1000, 1300


  • There was an issue for some players regarding the multi-buy function in the store. It is now fixed and the function works now as intended for everyone. We are aware that some players still have items from their purchases missing and those will be compensated during Release 8. If you have questions about this and were affected by the issue, please feel free to reach out to us in the Support Station:


  • Holiday items are still in the inventory and will be taken out in a future release
  • Virtual Match, Shooting Range & the Tutorial are not playable during matchmaking
  • If your name contains special characters it is not shown properly
  • Items still lose their upgrades when dropped, we’re working to remedy this in the future!
  • When you die in a duo or squad match your team rank will not change until all of the players have either escaped or get foamed. We know that this can cause confusion but the rank shown at the end of the match will be the correct one
  • If you are using a controller, please note: There is no full controller support, yet

Release Images[edit]

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