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These are the settings that will affect graphic fidelity and how well the game runs on your computer, each setting will be explain and the impact on performance will be measured.

Video Quality[edit]

This will change the preset of video quality settings, setting this to Low, Med, High, or Epic will set all of Advanced Video Settings to the one chosen. Changing any of the advance settings to something outside the presets will put Video Quality as "Custom".

Fullscreen Mode[edit]

This will determine the way the game fits in your monitor or display area, there are 3 options, Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen, and Windowed, they all serve different functions.

  • Fullscreen will lock the game to the max size in your display area but you will be able to choose the resolution after, any resolution outside the native resolution of the display will visually warp and stretch the game.
  • Windowed Fullscreen will match your monitors resolution and size, in future update it should also allow your mouse to freely move between the game and other programs without alt-tabbing.
  • Windowed allows the game to be moved freely and have any resolution within the given presets. Note: Having a larger resolution than your monitor with windowed mode might result in not being able to move the window.


With Windowed or Fullscreen mode chosen you can change the resolution of the game, when using fullscreen changing the resolution to something not native to the monitor will stretch the image.

Resolution Quality[edit]

Using the slider will change the quality rendered on your computer, theoretically if you have a 4K monitor, setting resolution quality to 50 will render the game in 1080p effectively. 100 is the default and setting it any lower will drop the quality of the game significantly but will in return improve FPS drastically.

Max FPS[edit]

This option lets you limit the amount of FPS(Frames per Second) the game renders, with the preset options of 30, 60, 90, 120, 144, and Unlimited. Dragging the slider all the way to the left past the 30 FPS option will put it to Unlimited which will render as many frames per second as possible using the allocated GPU resources.


This will change the amount you can see in the game and higher FOV will effectively zoom you out from the players perspective.

  • Minimum 80 left side of slider.
  • Maximum 110 right side of slider.


This slider ranges from 1 - 3 and will change the overall brightness of the game without washing out the colours, Gamma and Brightness are interchangeable in most applications that change these settings.


VSync aims to limit the amount of screen tearing you see while playing the game, for a full description on how this works visit this website.

Show FPS[edit]

This will simply enable and show an FPS counter at the top left of your HUD ingame at all times. Accuracy is on par with external FPS counters such as MSI Afterburner.


Enable Motion Blur[edit]

Motion Blur enabled will smooth out any change in where you are looking by adding directional blur, this can be used to lessen choppiness at low framerate. Motion Blur is often known to the gaming community as a disadvantage for competitive gameplay because you lose information by blurring motion. Modern-day use of this setting is meant as an Accessibility feature to help some users who feel motion sickness without the setting enabled. There is also a very slight advantage to video encoding with motion blur enabled.

Image Sharpening[edit]

As of Release 16 there is no perceivable or performance difference between Image Sharpening enabled and disabled.

Advanced Video Settings[edit]

Anti Aliasing Quality[edit]

Anti-Aliasing is a process that attempts to smooth out jagged lines at the heavy cost of performance.

View Distance Quality[edit]

This will change how high quality models are a high distances.

Shadow Quality[edit]

This setting will add more shadows and more precise shadows at highest shadow quality.

Post Process Quality[edit]

Post Process will change the colours and contrast of the game, as well as things like lens flares.

Texture Quality[edit]

This will affect the overall resolution and quality of texture, when this is on low, models will appear blurry and smeared.

Visual Effects Quality[edit]

Visual Effects put on High or Epic will add water reflections, and other details and elements in the background like the skybox.

Foliage Quality[edit]

This will dictate the amount and quality of grass, bushes, plants, and other flora in the world. Low settings will turn almost all Foliage off.

Colorblind Settings[edit]

Select Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly, or Tritanope and use the slider called "Severity" to change the overall intensity of the colorblind deficiency correction filter.



These settings will decide how loud your game is, what inputs to use for your microphone and any outputs specifically for voice chat.

Master Volume[edit]

This will control the final amount of audio you hear, for example, is Master is at 50% and Music is at 50%, Music will be 25% overall, if Master is at 100% and Music is at 50%, Music will be 50% overall. There are multiple different sliders to select only a certain type of sounds, the list is as follows.

  • Music Volum
  • Sound Effects Volume
  • Dialouge Volume
  • Hitmarker Volume

Voice Chat[edit]

This are all the settings for the ingame voice chat you can use to communicate with your teammates.

Push to Talk[edit]

On means you have to press and hold a button for your teammates to hear you, off means it will activate based on how loud you are.

Input Device[edit]

You can select which input or Microphone you use to speak to your teammates in game.

Input Volume[edit]

This dictates the volume of your microphone.

Microphone/Input Sensitivity[edit]

This only matters if you have Push to Talk disabled, it will change how loud you have to be for your microphone signal to be sent.

Mute Input Audio[edit]

Toggle mute your microphone.

Output Device[edit]

Choose which audio device you want to hear your teammates through.

Output Volume[edit]

Select how loud you want your teammates to be with this setting.

Mute Output Volume[edit]

Toggle mute your teammates audio.


These are settings that change how fast your perspective changes while moving your mouse, also has options for certain keybinds to be toggle instead of press and hold, additionally some options unlock certain keybinds.


This will change the amount your camera moves while not ADS or Scoped

Enable Per Scope Sensitivity[edit]

This option will allow you to customize your sensitivity for each scope in the game, here are the list of scope sensitivities.

  • 1.5x Scope
  • 2x Scope
  • 4x Scope
  • 8x Scope
  • 16x Scope

ADS Sensitivity[edit]

This will change the amount your camera moves while Aiming Down Sights

Scoped Sensitivity[edit]

This will change the amount your camera moves while scoped.

Invert X-Axis/Y-Axis[edit]

Enabling/Disabling these settings will invert your mouse/controller movement, X-Axis inverts horizontal camera movement, Y-Axis inverts vertical camera movement.

Mouse Smoothing[edit]

This option will smooth the movement of your mouse slightly, mimicking a controller and its movement of the camera.

FOV Based Sensitivity Scaling[edit]

Enabling this will make it so the game will dynamically change your sensitivity based on the FOV you have, this also affects the sensitivity while ADS and scoped.

Toggle Settings[edit]

Enabling these following options will change the mechanic from press and hold to tap toggle.

  • Sprint Toggle
  • Crouch Toggle
  • Targeting Toggle
  • Scanner Toggle

Hide HUD Shortcut Enabled[edit]

Enabling this will allow you to use Toggle HUD by pressing I

Quick Buy Toggle[edit]

Enabling this will allow you to use the Quick Buy keybind mechanics by pressing a series of 1 through 4 after opening the gear shop with G

Dodge Controls[edit]

There are 3 options for the dodge movement mechanic that comes with the Aani QuickSuit, here are the optional key combinations.


For full list of Keybinds please visit this article > Controls


These settings are a mix between language setting and miscellaneous options such as subtitles and tutorial tips.


You can select one of these languages to read the game in, voice lines are not translated.

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian

Rotate Minimap[edit]

This changes whether or not the minimap rotates when you move your camera.

Field of View Movement Changes[edit]

Turning this on will change your FOV dynamically based on if you are moving or not.

Show Tutorial Tips[edit]

Turning this off will remove the tutorial voicelines that activate within a match to guide you.


Turning this off will remove the text transcript of the voicelines that activate within a match.


Chat Enabled[edit]

Join Region Channels[edit]

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Turkish

User Interface[edit]

Show Damage Numbers on AI/Player[edit]

Turn on or off the damage numbers shown when you shoot a monster and or player depending on which you enable. Body shots are in white text and weakspot hits are in yellow text.


Show Credits On Kill[edit]

Turn on or off the credit amount icon that will appear above monsters you kill.


Show Kill Indicator[edit]

Turn on or off the icon that appears above monsters and players you kill.