Weekly Playtest 10

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Weekly Playtest 10[edit]

Released - June 13th, 2019

Update Size - N/A


Vehicles? Mounts? We don’t know yet! Early prototype testing

This week we have something very special for you!!! We will show you our VERY EARLY PROTOTYPE of something that could become an alternative form of transportation and movement later on. Please remember that:

  1. It is a prototype, so it is very much Work In Progress, buggy and unpolished
  2. It is not clear if it will even make it into the game
  3. It is not clear how it will look and feel if it will make it into the game
  4. We need your feedback on this, so please fill out the survey 🙂

If you keep these points in mind, we hope that you will have fun using this new experimental feature.

Important facts:

  • You summon it by holding down the N Button
    • This is a 1.9s summon
    • Any damage received during this time will interrupt the summoning of the vehicle
  • You move at a reduced speed (75 units) per second while summoning it
  • Once you are on the vehicle, you will move at 1250 speed
  • It has 150 health and takes 150% damage
  • You can cancel the vehicle action by either firing your gun, using an ability, pressing jump or pressing the N button again.
    • This will put you back to a reduced movement speed for 0.8s. You will be able to buffer shots but they will not be fired until ~0.5s into the attack
  • It moves slower in strafe/backwards, current modifiers are around 500 units per second

PvE Enemies now go directly for your health, but deal less damage

In order to ensure that a player is never ambushed by another player with basically no health or shields left, PvE enemies now damage your health directly. This ensures that even at low HP you still have a full shield if you encounter an enemy Prospector. Of yourse, this makes PvE encounters much more challenging. This is why, at the same time, we lowered the damage values of PvE enemies.

  • AI
    • Damage dealt by ranged AI attacks decreased by 25%
    • Damage dealt by melee AI attacks decreased by 50%
    • Howler ranged attack changed to be a longer lasting beam-like attack
    • Warden ranged attack changed to a volley of two
    • Feeble Spitter ranged attack changed to a volley of two
    • Warrior Spitter ranged attack changed to a volley of four
    • Increased Spitter Elite and Champion ranged attack shot count by 1 / 2.

Color-coded after-match rewards

We heard your feedback about after-match rewards being too difficult to differentiate. Thus, now every material will be color-coded according to it’s rarity!


  • Kits
    • Starter Kit
      • HP from 850 to 650
      • Regen rate from 20 to 35
      • Regen delay from 7.5 to 12 (same as every other kit)
    • Enhanced Reflexes
      • Removed reduced regen-delay perk when at low health
      • HP from 700 to 500
      • Regen rate from 20 to 25
    • Jetpack
      • HP from 700 to 550
      • Regen rate from 20 to 30
    • Boxer Warsuit
      • HP from 1000 to 750
      • Regen rate from 30 to 40
    • Dev Comments: We want to test out a lower TTK on average, and these changes will do the heavy lifting in that area. The idea is to have the TTK be a bit lower, but have regeneration not be as punishing long-term. Now the HP and Shield regen delay are universal,12s and 9s respectively, which is slower than before for some. However, now all kits regenerate much quicker. All kits approx. go from 0 to 100% health and shields 10s faster than before (from 40s to 30s).
  • Reintroduced slowdown after being hit by players
    • You now also get slowed down by AI
    • The maximum slowdown is at 65% except for quicksuit which goes down to 45%
    • Once hit enough, there is an immunity period of not getting slowed down enough.
    • The immunity period is 2 seconds.
  • DBNO
    • DBNO healt from 1000 – 600 hp

Weapon Balance

  • Starters
    • Hammer
      • Damage from 110 to 100
    • Scarab
      • Damage from 38 to 40
      • Clip size from 24 to 18
    • Bulldog
      • Damage from 35 to 28
    • Developer Comments: The starting weapons needed to be brought back down to maintain their current power level after the general health changes. They should now be more in line with each other overall and not be as valid an option later on in the match. The Bulldog was the worst offender in this regard and received the biggest change as a result.
  • 200 Credits
    • PDW
      • Damage from 32 to 30
      • Falloff start range from 2250 to 1500
      • Falloff end range from 4500 to 4000
    • Asp Flechette Gun
      • Damage from 28 to 30
      • Falloff start range from 1500 to 1000
    • Scrapper
      • Falloff start range from 1750 to 1000
    • KOR-47
      • Falloff start range from 4000 to 3000
      • Falloff end range from 7000 to 6500
    • Gorgon
      • Falloff start range from 5000 to 3500
      • Falloff end range from 8500 to 7000
    • Lacerator
      • Damage from 70 to 65
      • Falloff start range from 5000 to 4000
    • Developer Comments: The 200s were mostly in a good place, if overly effective, and needed some adjustments when it came to their effective range, especially the PDW and other “close range” weapons. The Asp retains its high weakspot multiplier in order to separate it from the other SMGs, while the KOR-47 now loses out in a long-range fight against the Gorgon, and vice-versa in a closer encounter.
  • 500 Credits
    • Advocate
      • Damage from 34 to 40
    • Manticore
      • Damage from 38 to 48
    • Voltaic Brute
      • Damage from 42 to 50
      • Falloff start range from 3250 to 2000
      • Falloff end range from 5500 to 5000
    • Maelstrom
      • Damage per energy pellet from 35 to 38
      • Falloff start from 1500 to 2000
      • Falloff end from 3500 to 4000
      • Spread base from 10 to 7.5
      • Spread max from 14 to 12
    • Shattergun
      • Damage per pellet from 30 to 45
      • Falloff start range from 1000 to 1500
    • Bolt Action
      • Weakspot multiplier from 150% to 200%
    • KBR Longshot
      • Now uses a projectile instead of hitscan
      • Damage from 100 to 125
      • Weakspot multiplier from 130% to 150%
      • Falloff multiplier from 90% to 75% (same as all other long range guns, that aren’t snipers)
      • Falloff start range from 5500 to 5000
      • Falloff end range from 8250 to 6500
    • Kinetic Arbiter
      • Refire time from 1.32s to 1.5s
      • Weakspot multiplier from 150% to 200%
    • Basilisk
      • Weakspot multiplier from 150% to 130%
    • KOMRAD
      • Damage from 25+100 (Direct/AoE) to 30+100
    • Developer Comments: The 500 weapons have seen a range of buffs in order to put them near the top of the food chain. We want them to end up where many 200s used to be, but with better range and reliable damage output. The shotguns should now be more dangerous at even a bit further ranges, especially the Maelstrom, while hard to hit weapons like the projectile-based Snipers and Battle Rifles will be rewarded more for landing difficult shots.
  • 800 Credits
    • KARMA
      • Is now a 800 credit weapon
      • Weakspot multiplier from 150% to 200% (only direct damage applies this, not the AoE damage)
      • Damage from 300+175 (Direct/AoE) to 350+200
    • KARLA
      • Damage from 100+300 (Direct/AoE) 300+200
      • Spread increase from 5 to 7.5
      • Spread decrease timer since last shot from 1.5s to 1.65s
    • Zeus Beam
      • Damage from 32 to 75
      • Weakspot multiplier removed
      • Clip size from 100 to 75
      • Spin-up time from 1.3s to 1.15s
      • Spin-up now clears out faster if you stop charging it
    • HAZE Launcher
      • AoE damage falloff start from 50 to 150 (radius is 250)
    • Developer Comments: The highest tier of gun has been undesirable for a long time, with these changes we’re testing out how far we can push them. We are still looking at adding systems to make them less powerful over time (like having to refill ammo for this class, and other similar ideas) that we might have to implement sooner rather than later. But for now let the mayhem begin!


  • Hitflashes on enemies are now split into a white flash for regular hits and orange for the weak spot hits, just like the damage numbers.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to scrap items
  • Fixed a bug where players where stuck in matchmaking forever without any update on the number of players in the queue
  • Reload animations should no longer repeat at random situations. Weapon switching should no longer cause problems.
  • Health bar bug where sometimes it was not updating should be resolved
  • You should be able to walk with a proper AZERTY keyboard now