Weekly Playtest 11

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Weekly Playtest 11[edit]

Released - June 21th, 2019

Update Size - N/A


Account reset

With all the changes that are in the new build, it was necessary to clean the accounts to ensure fairness and stability. So yes, we wiped them to provide every player with the same experience and to close the gap between newcomers and our beloved veteran community

Vehicles are on vacation

We are very glad that we have tested the prototype vehicles with you! Now, due to the vast amount of qualitative feedback that we received from you, we decided to take vehicles out for the time being in order to rework them and implement design tweaks according to aforementioned feedback. Stay tuned for more information in the future!

AI: Attacks do not go through shields anymore (change reverted)

We heard your feedback about the change to AI attacks and decided to revert our previous change. Unfortunately, our intended goal of using this feature to bolster the resistance to ambushes by other players through an “added layer of HP via shield” did not pan out as intended. AI attacks now damage the shield and then the HP of the player as it was before.

AI: Added variety to existing enemy types

We are always working on improving AI behavior and introducing new mechanics, so we added new AI type variations with a low chance of spawning for our already existing enemy types:

  • Bombardier Spitter: Spitter variation that fires delayed explosion projectiles
  • Warden Brute: Warden variation that only uses melee attacks
  • Howler Overseer: Stronger Howler variation; the normal howler will no longer summon adds


Some of the 500 weapons now have lower Reputation Tier requirements and also no golden material requirements. Mods for those weapons can still require gold materials though. On the other hand, some 200 weapons now have higher Reputation Tier requirements.


  • Kits
    • Starter Kit
      • HP from 650 to 730
      • Regen rate from 35 to 40
    • Enhanced Reflexes
      • HP from 500 to 550
      • Regen rate from 25 to 30
    • Jetpack
      • HP from 550 to 600
      • Regen rate from 30 to 33
    • Boxer Warsuit
      • HP from 750 to 875
      • Regen rate from 40 to 48
    • Dev Comments: While we did push a lot of changes in the latest update, which all added to lower TTK, we still think that TTK needs to be slightly lower than it used to be several weeks ago. However the results of the latest playtest and your feedback led us to believe that we went too far with that. So we’re raising the health back. This new numbers will effectively mean 10% lower total health pool (health+shield) as compared to state in Weekly Playtest 9, for every kit, except Enhanced Reflexes, which gets a 15% reduction. But on the bright side we realized, that the regeneration rate for that kit was to low, so we’re bringing it up, so that each kit remains at 30s needed for full health regen.
  • Gadgets
    • Healbeam
      • Healing "damage" from 10 to 7
      • Clip size from 35 to 40
      • Self heal amount from 200 to 150
      • Dev Comments: The healing abilities and gadgets have been brought down in efficiency to accommodate the new HP levels.
  • Abilities
    • Heal ward
      • Standard: Healing per second from 60 to 50
      • Offensive: Healing per second from 40 to 25
      • Attached: Healing per second from 25 to 15
    • Stim
      • Adrenaline Shot
        • Speed increase from +20% to +25%
        • Incoming damage scaling from +10% to +20%
        • Health regen delay from 10 to 12
    • Grenade
      • Now doesn’t explode when colliding with a target
      • Damage from 350 to 400
      • Damage radius from 750 to 600
      • Falloff start range from 300 to 450
      • Adjusted the arc and speed of the throw to make it easier to control
      • Dev Comments: The grenade has for a long time felt odd to use for many people, as its arc made it hard to aim it where you wanted it to go. It instead relied on a direct hit explosion, which was fun but not very grenade-like as people had no way of seeing it coming. We’ve made notes of this behaviour for a potential future grenade type, and adjusted the basic version easier to aim and make it go where you want, while now only exploding after the timer expires so the target has a fighting chance.
    • Turret
      • Damage from 60 to 50
      • Projectile speed from 1250 to 1750
    • Bombardment
      • Fixed an issue with all the impact delays (time it takes for the explosion to land) being the same, can now be unique per ability
      • Damage from 450 to 400
      • Impact delay from 2s to 2.5s
    • Precision
      • Damage from 450 to 650
      • Impact delay remains at 2s
    • Cluster
      • Radius from 850 to 900
      • Damage from 900 to 550 (spread out over its damage duration)
      • Damage duration remains at 2.2s
      • Impact delay from 2s to 1.75s
    • Dev Comments: The Orbital Bombardment was a big source of damage that didn’t get looked at for last weeks playtest, they also had some issues underlying that made them hard to balance. We’ve now remedied this and made sure that they all fill different roles. The worst offender in causing Prospectors harm was the Cluster mod, which dealt insane amounts of damage in a wide area. It now trickles in less damage, while keeping its big size and quick deployment. The heavy hitters are now the ones that are more difficult to land.
  • Weapons
    • Dev Comments: Some weapons went out of hand and had to be reigned in, while some still felt too weak for their price. Further adjustments were made in order to remove the most insane setups. Also some mistakes were made that’s now been reverted. Sorry about that!
    • S-76 PDW
      • Damage from 30 to 28
      • Spread now properly applies again in hipfire mode
      • Spread increase speed from 1 to 1.75
      • Spread max from 10 to 11
      • ADS movement speed multiplier from -30% to 35%
      • Falloff start range from 1500 to 1000
      • Falloff end range from 4000 to 3000
      • Upgrade 1 changed from +10% damage to +15% range
      • Upgrade 2 changed from +20% damage to +10% damage
    • Asp Flechette Gun
      • Refire time from 0.09s to 0.1s
      • ADS movement speed multiplier from -30% to -25%
      • Falloff start range from 1000 to 1500
    • Scrapper
      • Damage from 38 to 36
    • Gorgon
      • Mod: “Heavy Battery” Mod
        • Reload time increase from +40% to +50%
      • Mod: “Crossed Resistor” Mod
        • Damage multiplier from -25% to -50%
    • Manticore
      • Is now a 500 credit weapon instead of 200
      • Mod: “Missile Flechettes”
        • AoE damage changed from 150% of base damage to 125%
        • Altered projectile behaviour, now faster and more consistent
      • Mod: “Bundle Ejector”
        • Changed amount of projectiles from 5 to 3
        • Damage per projectile from 50% of base damage to 40%
    • Shattergun
      • Damage per pellet from 45 to 35
      • Mod: “Unstable Material”
        • Amount of shots from 16 to 15
        • Damage from -20% to -25%
        • Now applies spread in ADS
        • ADS spread is less than hipfire spread
    • Maelstrom
      • Increased pellet count from 5 to 8
      • Damage per pellet from 38 to 24
      • Spread base from 7.5 to 8
      • Spread max from 12 to 14
      • Mod: “Anti-Personell Wavelengths”
        • Now also decreases clip size by 2
      • Mod: “High Frequency Chamber”
        • Damage modifier from -25% to -30%
        • Refire modifier from +45% faster to +35%
        • Now removes ADS spread reduction
      • Dev Comments: The pellet changes should allow the Maelstrom to not suffer as much for each pellet that misses the target. We also want to focus more on its long range capabilities and therefor the hip fire spread was increased while its ADS spread remains lower.
    • Zeus Beam
      • Damage from 75 to 45
      • Clip size from 75 to 70
      • Increased recoil slightly
      • Removed AI damage bonus (+25%)
      • Falloff multiplier from -25% to -50%
      • Falloff start range from 4500 to 2000
      • Falloff end range from 9000 to 6000
    • Guarantee
      • Damage from 55 to 45
    • KARMA
      • Mod: “The Splinter”
        • AoE Damage from 250% of base to 175%
        • Radius increased from 400 to 800
        • Falloff start range from 375 to 300
        • Falloff multiplier from -50% to -75%
      • Mod: “Low Caliber Slabs”
        • Projectile speed increase from +50% to +25%
    • FF4 Detonator
      • Altered projectile behaviour to be more precise and less bouncy
      • Damage from 300 to 400
      • Damage falloff from 400 to 300 (explosion radius is 475)
      • Spread base reduced from 10 to 5
      • Spread max reduced from 12 to 7
      • Projectile lifetime from 1.5s to 1.75


  • Updated grenade VFX
  • Updated ‘plasma death’ VFX on enemies


  • Fixed an issue with Hammer’s recoil compensation being delayed with “Double Action” mod equipped.