Weekly Playtest 15

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Weekly Playtest 15[edit]

Released - July 18th, 2019

Update Size - N/A


Duo Mode

You asked for it, and we worked on it for a long time. And now, finally, it is here. Today’s update will introduces the DUO MODE. Are you ready for double-trouble action? Here is how it works:

  • The Duo mode starts with you and another Prospector in a pact together.
  • You can invite one friend into your squad to queue together
  • If you queue alone, you will get assigned a random pact mate
  • A pact can be broken and reforged anew during the match (like in Lone Wolf).
  • Breaking that pact takes longer than in Lone Wolf
  • All players have shields (pacting does not remove shields)
  • All gains are shared 100% between the pact mates

Improved Weapon Audio and SFX[edit]

We received recurring feedback about our weapon sounds and how they could have more impact. And we agree! We started to rework and enhance the weapon sounds.

Here are the new weapon sounds that made it into this update:

Also, some more general SFX improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where SFX for KOR 47 was corrupted
  • Fixed a bug where SFX for Phasic Lancer was corrupted
  • Adjusted tail SFX for Advocate
  • Adjusted shooting SFX for Gorgon
  • Reworked tail SFX for all weapons
  • Reworked “Quest complete” sound to have a higher intensity

AI improvements[edit]

This week, our main focus for AI has been to polish some Quality of Life features.

  • AI have been given rank, AoE, and high-threat icons under their names
  • AI names were shortened to remove clutter


  • Polished fire animations for various weapons
  • Fixed an issue with the Lacerator sights being offset and moving a lot when firing in ADS

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where you could not invite Friends into your Squad
  • Improved mini-map marker performance
  • State transitions between weapon firing is improved
  • Opening the store doesn’t break your sprint speed
  • Can no longer interact with vehicle when another person is on it
  • Spectator view is fixed on vehicles
  • Particle trails are showing on vehicles
  • VFX bug for buffed enemies fixed
  • Abilities from expired pact mates no longer attack you
  • Fixed offset of Howler projectile
  • Fixed VFX issue with bombardment particles