Weekly Playtest 3

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Weekly Playtest 3[edit]

Released - April 26th, 2019

Update Size - N/A


First of all, as promised, we have introduced some changes to the kits and we would like to get your feedback about them.

  • Prospectors / Kits
    • Sprinting speed increased from 150% to 170%
  • Jetpack
    • Impulse increased from 450 to 600
    • Recharge delay changed from 0.65s to 1.0s
  • Shields
    • All prospector kits now have a 300 shield
    • Joining a pact removes the shield for both players until the pact is broken
    • All kits have had their HP re-balanced to adjust to this
      • Quicksuit lowered to 600 HP
      • Dragonfly and Basic lowered to 700 HP
      • Boxer increased to 1100 HP

Furthermore, there have been some changes regarding the PvE enemies and weapons.

  • PvE Enemies
    • HP values lowered by ~30% for most creatures
    • Additional weak zone multiplier for most creatures set to 1.35 (on top of default weapon multiplier)
  • Weapon Mods
    • Removed old mods from all weapons
    • Added new mod setup for the ICA weapons Kinetic Arbiter and the Advocate
  • Weapon Spread
    • Has been reworked how it is applied, so some wonkiness might occur!
    • Most guns have had their hip fire base spread increased
    • Sprinting multiplier on all guns reduced to make crosshair behave nicer

Weapon Balance

  • Voltaic Brute
    • Has snappier and less varying spread as you hipfire
  • ICA Guarantee
    • Has way higher recoil in hipfire and little buildup
  • Snipers
    • Have higher and more consistent spread on hipfire
    • Fixed an issue with the in-air spread multiplier
    • Now has quicker spread decrease, but waits for longer until it begins
  • FF4 Detonator
    • Fixed an issue with the in-air spread multiplier
    • Now has more consistent spread when hip firing

And last but not least, there are some changes regarding the overall progression system of the game.

  • Meta Progression
    • Some low-tier and mid-tier weapons have no more rare materials requirements
    • Materials now have descriptions that explain where to find them (see the “Materials” section)
    • Performance-based rare material rewards have been drastically lowered
      • for 1 and 0 victory points, many rare materials were completely removed
      • for lower tier performance rewards, some of the rare materials have also been removed