Weekly Playtest 4

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Weekly Playtest 4[edit]

Released - May 2nd, 2019

Update Size - N/A


First of all, we have introduced some changes to how DBNO (Down But Not Out) works

  • DBNO (“Down But Not Out” / Knocked)
    • Players will go into DBNO instead of immediately dying even after having used their first teleport
      • They can still teleport ONLY ONCE per match
      • Note that this is a quick prototype and teleport prompt still appears even if not usable the second time
    • DBNO shield reduced from 1200 to 1000 HP
    • Reduced time to teleport to 0.3s
    • Reduced self-revive time to 20s, 25s in pact from 22/27
    • Reduced initial DBNO invulnerability from 1.5s to 1s
    • Increased teleport money drop from 20c to 50c

Furthermore, there have been some changes regarding the Kits and movement.

  • Prospectors / Kits
    • Suppressive fire
      • The movement speed lost when shot by other players is now gradually regained
      • You can now become temporarily immune to the movement speed debuff if shot in rapid succession
      • The movement speed lost will be refreshed but diminish in strength as more shots land (diminishing returns of the debuff)
  • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Quicksuit: Sideways dodge cooldown increased from 0.9s to 1.75s
  • HP/Shields
    • Firefly, Quicksuit, and Starter kit HP set to 700
    • Boxer kit HP set to 1000
    • HP regen rate for Firefly, Quicksuit, and Starter set to 20/s
    • Boxer kit HP regen rate set to 30/s
    • HP regen delay for Firefly, Quicksuit, and Boxer set to 12s
    • Starter kit HP regen delay set to 6s
    • Shield regen rate set to 15/s
    • Shield regen delay set to 7.5s

And last but not least, we adjusted the recoil on some of the Korolev weapons.