Weekly Playtest 6

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Weekly Playtest 6.jpg

February 28th Playtest[edit]

Released - May 17th, 2019

Update Size - N/A



New Archetype: Syndicate Enforcer

First of all, we are happy to show you a new Archetype for character customization: the Syndicate Enforcer! This sinister Gentleman sports a very stylish bionic arm, which really underlines his shady and often dangerous line of work.

Weekly Playtest 6-1.jpg

Polished Laser Drill

The model and assets for the Big Laser Drill are now much more polished and well-rounded, hopefully giving you amazing visuals to go along with the new contract type.

Weekly Playtest 6-2.jpg


The forest industrial area has received another art pass and now shows many more details and environmental storytelling elements.

Weekly Playtest 6-3.jpg


We completely reworked the health and shield bar. It should provide you with a more visible, intuitive and immediate feedback on the status of your shield and health.

Weekly Playtest 6-4.jpg
Weekly Playtest 6-5.png



  • Removed shield “shell” model while in DBNO, making the player profile smaller while downed.
  • AI will no longer ignore players in DBNO; damage dealt by AI to DBNO players is 1/3 of the normal amount.

Match Credit Economy

  • We increased income from all sources by ~10%.


  • Thresholds for the Zeal shard are slightly higher, which should make it worth less points per match.


  • All blueprints are now set to unlock at specific levels of reputation with the corresponding faction.
  • Sometimes there might be surprises, because the supporting message system is not completely done yet

Tweaks to the PvE Enemies

  • Lowered Howler Health
    • Tick Master 4000 → 2500
    • Standard Howler 3000 → 2000
  • Increased Howler ranged damage 8 → 12 per hit

Weapon Balance

Reload will no longer be cancelled by sprinting; players will continue reloading and won’t be able to sprint before finishing the reload. (This will be iterated upon in the future)

  • Voltaic Brute
    • Reload time from 1.7s to 1.85s
    • Reduced recoil slightly to make it more smooth
  • ASP Flechette Gun
    • Projectile speed from 4500 to 15000
    • Spread recovery start from 0.09 to 0.2
  • Scrapper
    • Ammo count from 25 to 24


Mods in General

  • Added new mods for most weapons, but many are still in an early balance phase
    • The following weapons have mods and an initial balance pass:
      • All pistols – Bulldog, Hammer, Scarab, K-28 Mk2
      • All SMGs – Asp Flechette Gun, KM-9 “Scrapper”, Voltaic Brute, S-76 PDW Mk2
      • Assault Rifles – Advocate, KOR-47
      • Burst Rifles – Phasic Lancer
      • Sniper Rifles – Kinetic Arbiter
  • Pistol Mods
    • Bulldog – Added 3 new mods:
      • Body Slot
        • “Hardkick Hammers” – Slightly increases rate of fire at the cost of recoil
        • “Shell Divider” – Increases the shotguns ammo from 2 to 4, at the cost of damage and fire rate
      • Magazine Slot
        • “Cluster Shells” – Creates a tighter, long range spread pattern, at the cost of damage output
    • K28-Autopistol
      • Mods
        • Full Auto: Now increases max spread
        • High Caliber Chamber: Now decreases recoil recovery amount by 25%
    • Hammer
      • Mods
        • Fixed a naming issue, “Power Chamber” #2 is now “Ionized Chamber”