Weekly Playtest 7

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Weekly Playtest 7.jpg

Weekly Playtest 7[edit]

Released - May 24th, 2019

Update Size - N/A


Visuals - Kit Visualization[edit]

Kit Visualization! From now on, you will be able to recognize the faction that made your kit from an additional element on your character’s suit.

Korolev Boxer Suit[edit]

Weekly Playtest 7-1.jpg

Osiris Quick Suit[edit]

Weekly Playtest 7-2.jpg

ICA Dragonfly Suit[edit]

Weekly Playtest 7-3.jpg


We are currently testing new ideas for the pact system based on player feedback, so for the next playtest the time it takes to cancel a pact is reduced from 10 to 3 seconds! Please tell us your feedback about this change on Discord or in our in-game survey.


Crafting prices for weapons and abilities are now fixed to a specific value instead of getting cheaper with Reputation progress! For the majority of players prices will go down. The Reputation is now needed for unlocking the different blueprint levels.


The discoverability of activities has changed, a lot of activities will now only display markers when you are close to them.


  • If a player is killed (No DBNO), he will now drop his current weapon and abilities on the ground
  • Getting hit by an opposing player no longer slows you down
  • Red overlay when aiming at enemy players is gone
  • Player marker is now more visible on the map
  • Interaction with objects improved. They should no longer be stuck in the ground


Mods in General

  • Added new mods for all Battle Rifles and Sniper Rifles!
    • The following weapons have mods and an initial balance pass:
      • All pistols – Bulldog, Hammer, Scarab, K-28 Mk2
      • All SMGs – Asp Flechette Gun, KM-9 “Scrapper”, Voltaic Brute, S-76 PDW Mk2
      • Assault Rifles – Advocate, KOR-47,
      • Battle Rifles – Lacerator, KBR Longshot, C-32 Bolt Ation Mk2
      • Sniper Rifles – Kinetic Arbiter, KARMA-1, Basilisk
      • Burst Rifles – Phasic Lancer


  • Weapons
    • Manticore
      • Projectile Speed from 7500 to 15000
      • Damage from 42 to 38
    • Bolt Action
      • Is now a projectile weapon instead of heatscan
      • Higher zoom level on base gun when targeting
    • KBR Longshot
      • Tweaks to recoil curve
      • Recoil recovery from 100% to 90%
    • Asp Flechette Gun
      • Damage from 28 to 26
  • Mods
    • Scarab Pistol
      • Chain Reaction
        • Base weapon damage from 90% to 80%
        • Chained bolt damage from 65% of base weapon damage to 40%
    • Phasic Lancer
      • Internal Catalyst
        • Now deals less damage per shot
        • Now also adds spread when firing in ADS
      • Single Shot Chamber
        • Now deals less damage per shot
  • Gadgets
    • Increased Translocator spinup time from 0.65 to 2.3
    • Increased Translocator price from 100 to 250
  • Kits
    • Jetpack Charge Punch now pauses your movement for a short duration as you land
    • Cloak is now disabled if charge your Jetpack while cloaked
  • Squad mode
    • Squad mode has received an activity combination pass, so the selection of different activity sets is now different