Weekly Playtest 8

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Weekly Playtest 8[edit]

Released - May 31st, 2019

Update Size - N/A


Color-coding Squad Pings

One of the big Community-requested changes we made this week was color-coding the pings of your squad members for better communication!

  • Pings are now color-coded and not just assigned a number as before
    • Player names now exist on the pings, both on minimap & ingame.
    • Colors are changing based on squad mate and pactmate
    • Scaling by distance has been iterated upon

Voice Lines

As we are continuing to monitor your user experience and feedback, we decided to take some voice lines out of the rotation in order to see if this makes certain aspects of the game less confusing.


We continue to improve our crafting system. This week, all the weapon mods should have their respective crafting requirements set right.

After-match rewards

As many of you know, the more VP you get in the match, the more rewards you get at the end. We now have lowered rewards for a “Zero VP” match significantly in order to emphasize this point.

Weapon Mods

  • Added new mods for KARMA-1 and 8x Scopes for KBR Longshot and C-32 Bolt Action!
    • The following weapons have mods and an initial balance pass:
      • All pistols – Bulldog, Hammer, Scarab, K-28 Mk2
      • All SMGs – Asp Flechette Gun, KM-9 “Scrapper”, Voltaic Brute, S-76 PDW Mk2
      • Assault Rifles – Advocate, KOR-47,
      • Battle Rifles – Lacerator, KBR Longshot, C-32 Bolt Ation Mk2
      • Sniper Rifles – Kinetic Arbiter, KARMA-1, Basilisk
      • Burst Rifles – Phasic Lancer


  • Weapons
    • KARMA-1
      • Now has mods enabled
      • Damage from 250+150 (Projectile/AoE) to 300+175
      • Increased falloff start point on AoE damage from 100 to 150
        • AoE radius is still 200
    • Maelstrom
      • Fractal Crystal mod now also increases ADS spread
    • KBR Longshot
      • Added 8x Scope rail mod
    • C-32 Bolt Action
      • Added 8x Scope rail mod
  • Gadgets
    • Revitalizer
      • Reduced max range from 15 kilometers to 75 meters
    • Grenades
      • Visibility and movement iterated
      • Throwing grenades should feel more responsive and tighter in general
  • Abilities
    • Heavy Turret
      • Heavily reduced projectile drop
      • Halved engagement range from 60 meters to 30 meters
  • Kits
    • Boxer Suit
      • Charge punch will now always stop when hitting a target
      • You are able to use the charge punch in air as long as sprint is held
      • The charge is directional when in air. Meaning that when you aim up in the sky, it actually travels towards that direction
      • You are now no longer able to use any jump while charge is active. Any pending super jump move is also cancelled


  • Detailed stats should now show up again.
  • Kits should now be better visualized in the menu
  • Fixed issue with the Asp Needle Pistol using a wrong pose during the charged jump
  • Items that are dropped in the world (Zeal Shard, Hunt samples etc.) & shop items should no longer end up inside the level geometry