Zeal Shard

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Zeal Shard
Lore Page
Contract Type
# of Tiers
Max. VP per match
≈ 6/15/27 (Solo/Duo/Squad)

Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover how to deal with Zeal shards.[edit]

Transcript: Business meeting with Vadim Tanayev, Head of Korolev Heavy Industries on Prospect Station


Welcome dear colleague, welcome to my humble office! Please, have a seat, grab a drink, make yourself at home. Now, let’s talk about business.

As you might know, we supply all the necessary infrastructure and machines for the mining operations on Fortuna III. You use our mineral drills daily, and maybe you already saw our newest invention, the Laser Drill, floating around in the skies? We are particularly fond of that one.

I will be blunt: We have a problem. There is a particular type of orange crystal that we call the “Zeal shard”, which we are not able to safely mine from a distance. Apparently, it is the core of a Veltecite vein which somehow got supercharged by the storm. But to be honest, who cares? It is extremely valuable, and I do love a healthy profit margin. Prospector, I want you to personally retrieve any Zeal shard you find.

The Process[edit]

Thanks to their anomalous nature, Zeal shards are very easy to locate. They emit such a strong signal that you can see them on your map. On the downside, everyone else can, too. Be aware that everyone knows the location of every shard at any given time, even if you are currently carrying it!

To collect them, just strap them to your suit and it will immediately start acquiring useful data for us. Please just keep in mind that the suit’s harness is very fragile and if it receives damage from any source, you will drop the shard to the ground and will need to pick it up again after the fight!

Starting Contract[edit]

Maintaining Contract[edit]

Finishing Contract[edit]

Find the Zeal crystal on the map, it will be the Zeal icon. 25x25px

Interact with it and pick it up or shoot the person holding it and it will drop.

You know you are holding the Zeal when the mini map

shows the icon on top of you, if it doesn't move with you it dropped.

If you get damaged enough you will drop it, you can also drop it with backspace

Validate the contract by keeping hold of the shard for an amount of time.

The Contract[edit]

Since we are getting valuable data from the moment you pick up the shard, we will attribute contract points to you as long as you carry it. If you hold on to it long enough, you will complete a contract phase and get a reward. If you hold on to it even longer, you will complete more and more stages, even if they will require progressively more contract points to do so.

Zeal Shard Probability per Gamemode
Gamemode Solo Duo Squad
Probability 50% 33% 31.25%


Tier Amount Required Total Required VP Awarded Credit Reward XP Reward
1 100 100 5 10 250
2 170 270 10 20 500
3 250 520 15 30 750
4 330 850 20 40 1000
5 420 1270 25 50 1250
6 500 1770 30 60 1500
7 580 2350 35 70 1750
8 660 3010 40 80 2000
9 740 3750 45 90 2250
10 810 4560 50 100 2500


Tier Amount Required Total Required VP Awarded Credit Reward XP Reward
1 150 150 5 10 250
2 250 400 10 20 500
3 380 780 15 30 750
4 500 1280 20 40 1000
5 600 1880 25 50 1250
6 750 2630 30 60 1500
7 850 3480 35 70 1750
8 1000 4480 40 80 2000
9 1100 5580 45 90 2250
10 1250 6830 50 100 2500


Tier Amount Required Total Required VP Awarded Credit Reward XP Reward
1 200 200 5 15 250
2 380 580 10 30 500
3 560 1140 15 45 750
4 740 1880 20 60 1000
5 920 2800 25 75 1250
6 1100 3900 30 90 1500
7 1280 5180 35 105 1750
8 1460 6640 40 120 2000
9 1640 8280 45 135 2250
10 1800 10080 50 150 2500

Seeing Red[edit]

There are rumors about a shard that is even more exotic. We call it “Red Zeal”, and sightings of it are rare and random. But if you see one on your map, make sure to collect it!


The data we receive from those specimens is not as clean as the readings from its orange cousins, so you will not get as many contract points for carrying it around. But it is the hottest new thing on the black market, mostly because it’s safe enough to be carried onto the Evac ship! If you manage to hold on to it when you board the shuttle, we will make sure that your reward will be worth your while.

The Red Zeal will always spawn and be marked on the map at 11:50 remaining whenever the zeal contract is available


Tiers Objectives VPs per Tier
1 Evacuate with shard to claim reward. 40


Holding # Zeal
1 2 3 4
Points per Second 2 4 6 8
Seconds for 100 points 50.00 25.00 16.67 12.50

That is it, Prospector. If you see the Zeal shards on your map, pick them up and hold on to them as long as you can. And please bring the Red Zeal back to the station!


I've been getting reports that the frequency Cycle Spikes has increased significantly ever since the Cycle opened up over the cape. When the Cycle shrinks enough to leave a gap on the surface above it, you'll still sometimes get short spikes before it surges back completely and repeats the cycle. Turns a small area into a concentrated version of the storms you see when the Cycle's just about risen back up.

Hazardous as all hell, of course, but we've been studying these ""surge crystals"" for a while now, and the samples that we can study before they decay completely show they're very similar to the Zeal you'd find in the core of a veltecite vein, just far more unstable. We've not managed to make any use of it so far, but Osiris is paying out the nose for more samples, and we're happy to charge them for it. - Henri Maybach

Update History[edit]

Release 9 - Season Two
  • Point thresholds for Duo and Squad increased
  • Duo changed from 250/480/690 -> 280/550/800 (12 % / 15 % / 16 % longer)
  • Squad changed from 250/480/690 -> 330/650/950 (32 % / 35 % / 38 % longer)
Release 7.Xmas
  • The Zeal tier thresholds are now 250, 480, 690 points (removed fourth tier)
Release 6
  • We have added new tutorials in the matches. The contract you encounter is explained to you once you encounter it during a match. The AI suit will tell you more about this contract and how to complete it!
    • The following contracts are included: Minerals, Boss Hunt (Alpha Warden), Clear the evac-platform, Zeal & Red Zeal, The Hunt, Storm Surge, Power Stations & Super Power Stations
Release 5 - Season One
  • We increased the passive Contract Point gain from carrying the Red Zeal Crystal.
Early Access
  • Red Zeal shards now give you exactly as many points for carrying them as orange Zeal shards, plus of course the previous bonus for getting VP for having them during EVAC. Red Zeal is now objectively more lucrative. Go get it!
Weekly Playtest 8
  • Items that are dropped in the world (Zeal Shard, Hunt samples etc.) & shop items should no longer end up inside the level geometry
  • Improved Drop Location Placement for Zeal and Hunt items.
Weekly Playtest 6
  • Thresholds for the Zeal shard are slightly higher, which should make it worth less points per match.
February 28th Playtest
  • Added new red zeal mechanic, triggers in final match phase (win two contract points if you evacuate with the red zeal)
Alpha V
  • The Zeal Shard no longer clips in front of player camera when sliding while holding it.
Alpha II
  • Increased possible locations from 3 to 7 for the Zeal Crystal to be spawned on the map.
  • Updated logic for finding a good drop location for the Zeal Crystal to prevent it being stuck inside of geometry
  • Bug Fixes
Alpha I
  • Added
    • Zeal was added among 6 other contracts.